Kailash tour via keirong border

Please be informed that the Kailash Yatra is one Trip of a Holy Pilgrimage and is NOT a luxurious holiday. People do this pilgrimage for inner satisfaction, belief on their religious ambitions and choose a once lifetime trip. Over the years access to Kailash has improved i.e. Roads, Transport and Hotels and Guesthouses tremendously. However, when you travel in this peak season and the best and the safest time to visit Kailash there are Hundreds of others Yatris visiting this time from all over the Globe, the accommodation is always a high priority of us to fulfill the best for all. i.e. rooms etc. Hence Share of rooms is essential with little choice for all so to get a good night’s rest and have a place to stay as well. When you travel to locations that are very far from urban civilization you have little choice but to adjust to local living conditions. The Tour Operator will always endeavor to provide best facilities to all Yatris however there are limited choices on accommodation i.e. Guest House, Hotels in each location of your travel and the best available is selected for all Yatris. The experience of personal comfort endearment and bringing yourself to reality to life of basics is itself is a test for your inner purpose to visit the place for Our Lord Shiva so with that in mind expect comfortable facilities based on the area you visiting to get to your destination and know and tell your family and friends of your experience to achieve your desired accomplishment to visit the birthplace of Lord Shiva. Blessed Voyage to the Holy Land.