kailash mansarovar itinerary and cost 2023/24

Mount Kailash & lake  manasarovar ,  this holy place is situate in west  part of Tibet china , it’s one of the most popular pilgrimage sits in kailash , many Hindus , Buddhist , Janis  and born people  use to visit  every year in between mid may to end Sept, also this place is very remote and high altitude place , the mount kailash is stand in between of the trans Himalaya ranges .  kailash and lake manasarovar is known as  abode of god Shiva and god Parvati . Every yatri (pilgrim) visit here for take a both in holy water at lake manasarovar and  kailash  parikrama , when you visit here  you will enjoying the nature ,culture , landscape  and  Tibetan people basic life style, also You will also fulfill your dream to be here. This yatra gives you back so many good memories and experience adventure tour in your lifetime. If you have a any dream to visit here then do not dele any more make your plan then start book your holiday from today.

What is the best time of year to go mount kailash and Manasarovar Lake?

Best time of the year is mid (MAY, JUNE, JULY, AUGUST &SEPT End is good time of year for visit here. Because of less rain and warm temperature as well not windy, in this period you can see beautiful view of mount kailash including so many Himalayas peaks. We always suggest for everyone who have a dream to visit here please choose this month for make your dream come true.

 Routs and cost details for kailash manasarovar 2020.

To get to mount kailash here are several routes take you there ,But if you are looking for short and quick routes to get kailash then  from Kathmandu then we suggest you go via Keirong  border , total time in between 14 to 15 days including  3 days prepare paper  work in Kathmandu for NRI yatris and for  Indian people can make paper work in Delhi  roughly  Cost per person for NRI US$2030 from this routes by rode to kailash and return by rode to Kathmandu.  anyone who  travel to kailash and lake manasarovar lake you need a  paper visa  so we need  three working days for applying visa with your  physical passport in Chinese   embassy in Kathmandu for NRI people and for Indian people you can  apply from Delhi.

Via  Lhasa to Lhasa route (Lhasa is capital city of Tibet china)

You can also travel from Lhasa to Lhasa by air from Kathmandu to Lhasa & return to Kathmandu by air from Lhasa, this route is quit long days routes, in total it takes 16 to 17 days including three days paper work with your physical passport in Kathmandu.  Cost roughly US$ 2220 pulse you need to buy air tickets for Kathmandu – Lhasa – Kathmandu both ways around $680 to 700 if you book an advance. This is long route, but you can see more things Lhasa and xigatse Buddhist sides visit and you will have good acclimatization before go kailash. If you hide long drive in off rode then want to see capital city of lhasa then we suggest you take this routs.

Via Simikot – Hilsa by Heli tour

days This is also very short rout to take you mount kailsh so total time 9 to 10 days, cost $1980 to 2000 but sometime Heli and airline can dele and cancelled several days because of the monsoon weather in Nepal so it might take more then itineraries days, But if weather is good it will be normal itinerary and you be visit mount kailash in short time.


Is it allowed to take a bath in Manasarovar Lake?

Yes it’s allowed to take quick bath in holy lake, but not your full buddy only under the you’re nee. Some people take full bath quickly  bath here ,but some time local Gov not allow to deep here , so we suggest you can take bath here can only  under your nee and respect the local people and keep this  nature for your next generation.

 What is the age limit for kailash manasarovar yatra?

Age limits for visit mount kailash and lake mansarovar  from 18 years to 70 years can travel here, but for above 55 to 70 years yatris we strongly suggest  you all please do good training before 6 month .

 How can I get   kailash manasarovar lake ?

You can travel from Kathmandu Nepal through different border   like timure  keirong border  by driving and by flying from Kathmandu – Lhasa – Kathmandu , short  trip by heli and driving from  Hilsha border.

Is visa require for travel to kailash and manasarovar ?

Yes you need a visa for travel to Tibet , which you can apply in Kathmandu or from your near Chinese embassy to.  But if you travel with us we will apply from Kathmandu in Chinese embassy with your original passport.

How long take to get a Tibet travel visa?

Minimum three working days.  Saturday and Sunday is holiday.


Can I touch the kailash ?

Yes you can touch the kailash from north face, it’s a day hike from dirapuk monastery, and also it’s very tough to get here through the glacier and rocky path. If you are fit in adventure then this you can touch kailash with good equipment’s, which we provide you good helper and equipment.


Can anyone climb mount kailash ?

No buddy can climb mount kailash its holy mounts, everyone belief here it’s our god Shiva.

How high is mount kailash?

Altitude is of mount kailash is Alt, 6640m. From sea level