Hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek


Hiring a guide for Everest Base Camp trek (EBC) generally is for your safety ,security and navigation of the trail to reach your trip destination to EBC, and sharing the culture and making easier communication between you and locals communities along the way to Mount Everest base camp. As the Everest Base camp trek is one of the adventure , remote and challenging but popular hiking trails among the adventure lovers, every single traveler has a dream to reach the world highest mount everest base camp and put their footprint at an elevation of 5364m , 17,573 ft once in their lifetime for the great experience and memorize.

Hiring a government license holder trekking guide for Everest base camp is advantageous on your lifetime trip as guid will play the main role to make your trip successful. Hiring a professional guide for EBC trek means You will have a golden opportunity to learn about the prime sherpa culture and their daily lifestyle. Landscapes , Mountains and great chance to communicate with the local sherpa community as your guide will translate the local language between you and people from there. During your trekking to the Everest base camp once you reach the higher section of the trek, sometime if you received altitude sickness , any other disease or coincidentally got injured by rock falling etc.

During  this emergency situation guide will save your life by helping you in this difficult moment. Also the professional guides are very familiar with trails , landscapes , and popular with local people and the regions as they have been doing guiding jobs for many years with the group. So, the professional guide is highly recommended to hire for Everest base camp trek.

How to book a guide for Everest Base Camp Trek ?

In order to find a guide for Everest Base Camp you have to go through the local Nepal government registered trekking agency based in kathmandu. Through the online you can find 100s of travel agencies who are selling the Everest Base Camp trek and guide ,but you have choose  a trusted ,reputable and responsiable trekking agency to make a successful trek to Everest base camp. Before you decide to book a guide with any local companies you have to check their government registered documents and feedback from past costomers such as Tripadviser review , google reviews , and company team profile and person who is running the business. At the market you can find numbers of different companies and everyone has their own price and different ideas for deals and some speak more in email ,but while you are in the mountains they can’t provide the service.

So, before you decide to hire a guide for Everest base camp trek, think twice and make a decision which you will not regret during your whole trek.You can also find the individual guide. It might be slightly cheaper than through the company but individual guides are not fully responsible for emergency situations. If you are not booking your trip with a nepal government registered company and in case of emergency you might not be right in the legal process so, for your safety and security go through the registered company.

Benefits of Hiring a guide with Nature Explore Trek :

Nature Explore Trek is a team of guided companies since August 2015, before establishing the company we have been working with one of the top level trekking , climbing organizers in Nepal for a long time. Our guide team was born and raised in mountain regions of Nepal such as Everest region, Annapurna region ,Langtang region. Every end of the season we provide our guide basic first aid training and Educational Environment training for sustainable tourism. We also send them to participate in any related training and programs to learn about guiding people in the mountain with a group.

We only have selected guides who are hardworking , Loyal and honest in their duty. Our guide knew how to take care of their clients while they were on the mountain and solve the emergency situation . Therefore, today we stand at this level with more than 90 % positive feedback from customers from all over the world. As we have local expert guides we manage to send local guides only who are already friendly ,and familiar with the trail and regions.

Hiring guides with Nature Explore Trek from Lukla for Everest Base Camp , Everest Base Camp with Gokyo lake trek , Gokyo lake and Renjola Pass trek , Three high pass trek, Everest view trek. Mera peak climbing guide, Island peak with Everest base camp trek has a lot of benefits for you as most of our guides were born and grew up in the nearest village from Lukla where the Everest base camp trek starts.

Our guides are very popular in this region and they know every village and local people of this region. Also, our guides are knowledgeable about the Mountains, Culture religions and landscapes of Everest region as they were born and grew up in the same region. Our professional guide speaks both English and local language which will help you to communicate with the local sherpa people.

More than 2 decade experience Lukla based guides we use from Lukla are Nirkumar Lamichhane , Bam bahadur karki , Santaman Tamang , Mingmar Tamang , Bipin Rai , Pasag sherpa and Dawa Galzen Sherpa. All of them are very experienced and have been working in this sector for the last 15 years already. They are very friendly , honest and basic English speaking guides. Most of them knew very well about trails, were familiar with sherpa people and their cultures and well knew the names of the mountains and landscapes. So if you want to hire one experience guide please contact us or whatsApp +977-9851131287 (Dinesh Karki) , Email : info@natureexploretrek.com , naturexploretrek2015@gmail.com .

Do not hesitate to book a guide for Everest base camp trek with us. We will arrange the best guide who can help you to complete your trip and give the best service. Before the trip departure you can meet and can talk face to face and ask several questions regarding your trip. We are more than happy to instruct you with our guide before the trip departure. We have been providing the service with 100% success and we are providing the best service. What we speak here is the same things we deliver in the mountains.

How do I find the best company for Everest Base Camp Trek ?

Finding the best company is to make your trip a 100% successful trip to Everest Base Camp. Through online you can see many international and local companies ,but before booking your trip you have to research properly about company feedback from past clients , read their reviews and check if their company is registered under the Nepal Gov or not ? you can talk in advance how he handles your trip with safety and security and full responsibility and understand payment policy , read terms and conditions and information they provided. ask about guide experience and whether he has been on that trail or not ? so, if you finally become full of confidence, then you can start to book your trip with them which will help you to make your trip successful without any problems.

Is Everest Base Camp Trek Possible without a guide?

Everest Base Camp Trek is a strenuous trek which goes through many isolated and remote villages so,it is recommended to have a guide for your safety and well being.The trek requires a good level of physical and mental fitness as the trail follows a several high-passes that is needed to be pass and can be dangerous without a guide.As the area is in remote area finding a place to stay might be difficult so,having a guide for Everest Base Camp is crucial as not only they navigate the way but also help you with logistics and communication factors.Having a guide by your side not only ensures your safety but also provides valuable information about the local culture and history.

Inorder to do Everest Base Camp Trek you need to arrange permits , accommodation , transportation meals and other logistics things so it is advisable to choose a reputable trekking company and hire a knowledgeable guide.By doing so,you don’t need to worry about anything and enjoy the trek peacefully.

Can I Hire A Guide and Porters in Lukla for Everest Base Camp Trek ?

Yes, you can hire a guide and porter from Lukla instead of taking him from Kathmandu and Lukla is the starting point of Everest Base Camp trek. Hiring a guide and porter from Lukla for the Everest base camp trek will also save the costs ,but If you are looking for a professional guide for your lifetime experience trekking to the world’s highest mount everest base camp and if you want to know more about sherpa culture, landscapes , geography ,wildlife in brief rather than just walk up to EBC and comeback with basic english speak guide and then we always suggest you hire a guide from kathmandu.

As most of the government license guides are based in kathmandu. normal guide you can also find in Lukla. Local porters are always based in Lukla , So , no need to take them from kathmandu. When you hire a guide and porter from Lukla and then you have to travel by yourself kathmandu to Lukla and you will meet your guide and porter after you landing at Tenzing Hillary airport. They will be waiting for you at the nearest airport gate with your name.

Inorder to  book guide and porter from Lukla you have to contact a local agency from Kathmandu who will help you find the guide and porter. local agencies already know many guides and porteres who are working as guides based from Lukla. Hiring a guide and porter through the local agency is more safe for you as the agency will take full responsibilities in payment policy and in case of difficult situations such as if things go wrong you always have someone responsible who takes care of all issues and helps you to solve it. Hiring an individual guide and booking through the agency for Everest base camp trek the cost is the same, so we would highly suggest booking through the agency.

Cost for guide from Lukla

Hiring a guide for Everest base camp trek from Lukla, the salary is based on guide experience , skills and Language. For a basic English speaking guide the cost starts from USD 29 to 35 per day. And if you want to hire a professional guide who has been working in this sector for many years. Professional guide cost is USD 35 to 40 per day including his food and accomdation.

Cost for Porter from Lukla per day

Recommended cost for a strong porter from Lukla is USD 25 to 28 per day including food and accomodation.

Porter cum guide cost from Lukla

If you are looking for a porter cum guide, the cost will be slightly higher USD 30 to 35 per day.Porter cum guide can help your bag and he / she will also do the guide to Everest base camp trek. Porter cum guides speak basic English ,but they can guide you to Everest base camp safely and retrun.

Through agency VS Individual Guide for Everest Base Camp Trek :

If you are thinking of hiring a guide for Everest base camp trek and confuse hiring a guide through agencies or individuals from Lukla and then please read below.

Advantages of Hiring a guide through agency :

if you are looking for a hassle free and to go on a smooth trek once in the lifetime experience trek to Everest base camp and then hire a guide through the travel agencies is safer as the agency will take the full responsibility of your trek and guide. Agency will also do the full insurance of the guide for the emergency situation. And also the agency will help you to provide necessary information for the trip and arrange your trip permits, Lukla flights and early accommodation booking along the way to Everest base camp trek etc. if encase in your trip someone got serious sick and need alternative options or emergency evacuate in this situation agency will help you to arrange everythings. So highly recommended to go book a guide through the agencies.


Hiring an individual Guide or Porter from Lukla:

If you want to hire a guide directly from Lukla it is possible and you can get some guide. But it is not guaranteed what types of guide you will meet as you are new there. Meeting for the first time and trusting as your adventure trekking to EBC guide for two weeks it might be uncomfortable. If encased in the emergency situation into the higher section of the trek no one will help. It might be a little cheaper to hire an individual guide and porter ,but it will not be as safe as through the company. But if you already know or recommended from your family \ fiends any guide or porter and fully trust him\ her then you can hire individuals from Lukla.

Solo Trek to Everest Base Camp Trek

Solo trekking to Everest base camp without a guide yes it is possible and as we show many tekkers use to do it. Those adventure lovers who mentally and physically both well fit and have good experience and deep knowledge about navigation of the trail can do the solo trek. But if you are bigger and don’t know any more about trek and then information of trail and regions it is not a good idea to go on a solo trek. As the Everest base camp trail is challenging and remote and difficult in the higher section of the region you can also lose the trail , get altitude sickness, or get injured.

If an accident happens on the trek so in this situation if you have a guide with you he will help you all the time. In the high peak season Everest base camp trekking trail is fully crowded as it is the world popular trek route so most of the tea houses and lodges can be fully booked before you reach the tea house so in this situation if you are with a guide he can book all accommodation in advance. Guide is not only showing you the trail he will play the main role to make your trip 100% successful without any issues during the trek.

In the past so many solo travelers went trekking to EBC or further high passes ,but some never came back because they lost their life .as unpredictable weather , avalance coming from moutnains, lost the navigation , slippery on rocks , heavily snowing , heavly winds or lost the trail in remote areas, and getting sick alone in the mountains can lose your life. It might be a little costly for your trek to hire a guide but it is always safe and secure while you are in the remote mountains regions for several days.

Overall, Solo trekkers also can go the everest base camp trek ,but you have to have well knowledge for navigation the trail, full of information about the region, Hotels, Foods, cultural , past experience of adventure trekking in the remote mountains and fully confident with solo travel in the mountains and good acclimatization of high altitude. If you are not sure about the suggested list above, then always go with a guide for successful trekking to the mount everest base camp trek for life time experience.

How to apply for the Everest Base Camp Trek Permit.

If you are planning to trek to Everest Base Camp you need different types of permits. You can buy Everest base camp permits along the way to trek . Please read below.

Sagarmatha National park permit :

You can buy this permit on the way to Namche from Phakding at Manjo village. At Manjo there is the sagarmatha national park office where you can buy it. Sagarmatha national park cost is per person for USD 30.

Khumbu Pasang Lhamu municipality permit:

You also have to buy the Pasang Lhamu municipality permit which is cost per person USD 20.

Airfare from Kathmandu to Lukla and return Kathmandu both ways:

Direct flight from Kathmandu Lukla and return direct kathmandu USD 435 per person and if you go through the Ramechhap airport and return the same way USD 354 per person. Kathmandu to Ramechhap and return kathmandu driving time 4 to 5 hours.

Nepali Guide airfare both ways USD 100 direct flight from Kathmandu to Kathmandu and from Ramechhap $80.

What documents do I need for Everest Base camp trek and permit.

When you are planning to trek to Everest base camp trek you need some documents to buy permits and reserve the flight tickets.

  • Passport (should be 6 month validity)
  • Nepal visa
  • Passport size picture
  • Copy of passport
  • Travel insurance
  • Itinerary print.

Lukla flight condition in peak season:

Last 5 to 6 years most of the Lukla flights fly from Ramechhap airport instead of Kathmandu in the high peak season months such October, November and March and April every year. As the kathmandu airport is very busy and air traffic so many Lukla flights were delayed , cancel which is big harmful for travelers who have short holiday for this trek . Therefore, as an alternative option Ramechhap airport is the another options to fly many flights at the same day as the duration between Ramechhap to Lukla is only 20 minutes. Best moment to fly to Lukla from Kathmandu or Ramechhap is morning time as in the afternoon more chances change the weather such as winds , cloudy and heavy rains will cancel the flight and wait for another day.

Ramechhap has no traffic at all as it is a small domestic airport and in the same direction as Lukla. So most of the airplanes in the peak season fly from Ramechhap. You have to go early in the morning to catch your flight. Driving time between Kathmandu to Ramechhap is 4 hours by private jeep, car or Minibus. You can also go one day earlier for an overnight stay at Ramechhap instead of waking up at 1 am in the morning and driving 4 to catch a flight. In Ramechhap there are few Resort , guesthouses available ,but you have to book an advance as it is always busy in peak season.

Final Say

If you are looking to hire a guide for Everest Base camp trek nature explore trek is the best local travel agency based in Kathmandu, Nepal. As most of the guides team are born and brought from Everest region we are more familiar with regions. Before establishing Nature Explore Trek even our organizer team has been a professional guide with one of the top companies. We are a team of guides who provide the best service. We talk through the same thighs we deliver in the mountains. So if you are looking to hire a guide for Everest base camp or any other region such as Annapurna, Manaslu , Langtang , Kanchenjunga and Makalu Base camp trek we provide you the best guide at a reasonable cost.