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October 22, 2020 By Admin

What is a group joining trekking in Nepal?

Group Joining Trekking in Nepal is one of the most advantageous for solo travelers from around the globe. Are you looking for a group to join Trekking and peak climbing in Nepal?  We have a fixed group joining departure date available for 2024 and 2025 the Annapurna region, Everest base region, and Langtang region in Nepal. most popular group joining trekking and peak climbing routes are the Everest base camp trek, Annapurna base camp trek, Langtang Valley trek, Manaslu circuit trek, Annapurna circuit trek, and  Mera peak climb, Island peak climb, Lobuche east peak climbs many more trekking and peak climbing route are organizing by Nature Explore Trek in Nepal every trekking and climbing season.

For the single traveler who is looking for a group to join Trek, and Climb in Nepal it is an advantageous time for everyone. And I would also say confidently to anyone who looking for a group to join the trek it’s a great chance to meet with other country people from around the globe and share your culture, nature, landscapes, and past travel experiences with other people. While you walking you won’t feel bored when you are with other trekkers along the trail. Group trekking and climbing will be cheaper than in privet treks or climbing in Nepal; because you will share all expenses of the whole trek likely Food, Accommodation, transportation, guide, and supporting staff. So group joining trekking in Nepal is a most inflecting trip in Nepal.

Group joining trekking in nepal
(A trekking group returning back from Manaslu circuit trek in 2019.)

So if anyone looking for a Group joining trekking and peak climbing in Nepal do not hesitate to ask Nature Explore Trek, according to your timetable and which routes you want to go trek we will arrange other trekkers and suitable programs at a reliable cost for you. We have been organizing such a trip since we establish our company Nature Explore Trek. We have a better idea; service and experience in how to arrange group joining trekking in Nepal than other agencies. We are more engaged in many social sites so we will feel easier to find people for the same date or week.

Group joining trekking in Nepal is safer and security during the trek in the mountains, if you are alone in the mountains it could be happen anything’s, likely lost the trail, avalanches, rockfall from the mountain, much more accidents could happen, but you are with the guide and other groups then it will be safer and enjoyable in mountains, so group joining trekking into the Himalaya is the beneficiary of a lot for all signal travels from around the globe.

Moreover, if anyone looking for a group joins trekking and peak climbing in Nepal, then write us a message anytime we are happy to be your help you.  I would also say if anyone looking for a female guide the Annapurna circuit, Everest base camp trek, Langtang valley trek, and Manaslu circuit, we arrange for you.

Group joining Trekking Packages / Routes in Nepal for 2025 and 2025

group joining trekking in nepal
(At the top of the Gokyo -ri top (Alt. 5360m),  in Everest region , group enjoying to taking a paragraph)

(1) Everest base camp trek : 12 nights 13 days.

(2)  Everest view trek : 7 nights 8 days

(3) Annapurna base camp trek :  8 nights 9 days.

(4) Annapurna circuit trek :      11 nights 12 days.

(5) Ghorepani poonhill  trek  :   4 nights 5 days .

(6)  Mardi Himal trek :     5 nights 6 days.

(7) Manaslu circuit trek :     12 nights 13 days

(8) Langtang valley trek :   6 nights 7 days

(9) Gokyo lake trek 10 nights:   11 days

(10) Everest three high passes trek:  16 nights 17 days.

(11) Gosaikunda lake trek :    5 nights 6 days

(12) Helambu circuit trek:    4 nights 5 days.

group joining trekking in Nepal.

(U. K and Australian mixed group  heading up to .E B.C base camp in 2017, currently tea break In Panbuche villages, background view is Mount Ama Dablam alt. 6893m)and far left is mount Everest range.)

(1) Everest base camp group joining Trek: 12 nights 13 days.

Everest base camp trekking is one of the most popular trekking routes in Nepal, and number of adventure lover’s people made a long dream of being in EBC base camp in their life. Everest base camp trek is more popular and most of the people have a dream to go Everest base camp trek so it will be easier to find other people than other trekking routes in Nepal.  Alt. 5364m Everest base camp calling every year thousands of people from around the world. Everest base camp trekking best season is autumn, and spring is the best time, at that time the weather will be perfect with clear and crystal weather, the temperature will be suitable for a walk along the route. As you aspect to see many nice mountains in clear weather, this will be fulfilled in October, November, and March and April.

12 nights 13 days Everest base camp trekking begins after 30 minutes a scenic flight from Kathmandu (Alt 1300m) to Lukla at 2870m.) , basically, you shall start the walk from Lukla as well you will meet here with your supporting staff. Generally, per day you will walk 5 to 6 hours, and 400 to 500m, (promptly 7 to 8km) ascending every day until the Base camp and return back is easier for you because mainly it’s descending till the Lukla. Along the trek you will spend overnight at local lodges, at the same lodge have restaurants for food where you can eat.  In the Everest region, there are so many lodges and restaurants along the trail so for food and accommodation, it will be no problems.

Everest base camp trekking offers a magnificent mountain view of whole Everest Region Mountain and pristine Sherpa people cultures, and their religions, lifestyle. You will see the first view of Mount Everest from Namche, and Everest view Hotel viewpoint is the most popular place to see big mountains from a close distance. You can also visit old monasteries, museums,s and Sherpa people villages and fertile lands and domestic animals along the trek. Every day most of the time you can see many mountains view including Everest, but more popular viewpoints are Everest hotel, Tenbuche, and Kalapatther viewpoint is the best place to see Mount Everest including many mountains. You won’t be regarded to do this trek, 100 % you shall be satisfied with this trip it’s really worth it in your lifetime. Yes, Everest base camp trek is moderate difficulty than others trekking routes, you should be well prepare before you depart, we suggest you basic training like hiking, running cycling minimum 3 to 4 months would be a  big help for you for successfully complete this trip.

group joining trekking in nepal.

(Germany groups in 2018 enjoying with mount Everest view from Tengboche monastery)

(2) Group joining  Everest view Trek: 7 nights 8 days.

Group joining Everest view trek is halfway of Everest base camp trek, that person who doesn’t have enough time to complete Everest base camp trek, but still want to see Mount Everest of panoramic view and Sherpa people culture and their basic lifestyle than this is the trek route is suitable for you. And I would also say we can easily find a group for this trek, those who planning a trek to EBC you can trek with them and after halfway accordingly your timetable you can return back to Kathmandu after enjoying Everest and other mountains view from a close distance.

Group joining Everest view trek is a very popular and comfortable trip in the Everest region, those trekkers who are not enough fit for the complete whole trek but still try to do this trek and experience of Everest region trek. You won’t miss any highlights view or mountains of Everest region, on this short trek, you will see Panoramic Mountains view including Mount Everest and thousands of mountains peaks, and along the way, you will encounter with wild animals, flora fauna, and different spices of brides in Sagarmatha national park. Moreover, you can visit old monasteries, museums, old Sherpa villages where most of the Sherpa climbing guides were born for climb big mountains in the world. We would highly recommend for you this trek in autumn and spring season is the best time to go.

group joining trekking in nepal

(Indian group ascending up to Annapurna base camp in 2019 in Nov. current location is Chhumring villages alt 2300m and background mountains view of Mount South Annapurna and Himchuli.)

(3)  Group joining  Annapurna base camp Trek:  8 nights, 9 days 

Group joining Annapurna base camp trekking is a very popular treks routes in the Annapurna region. Annapurna base camp trek located in beneath of Annapurna Mountains and very close of mount Annapurna I, This popular trek is very old and number two popular trekking routes after Everest base camp trek in Nepal. For Annapurna base camp trek it’s easy to find people than in other trekking routes because it’s famous for everyone and short days trek,  Every year big numbers of trekkers use to visit an Annapurna base camp, Annapurna base camp trek is more beautiful than others routes here.  On this trek you can panoramic Annapurna mountains view including Mt. Annapurna I (Alt. 8091m), snowcaps, hills, landscapes, waterfall, hot spring, jungle, and beautiful local people habitation, fertile paddy lands, domestic animals many more.

Moreover, 8 nights 9 days Annapurna base camp trek is reliable and not expensive compare to Everest base camp trek, this budget trek will be memorable in your lifetime and a great trekking experience once in a lifetime. Annapurna base camp also not hard trekking route in Nepal, it’s an easy medium, it’s not required your high fleetness level to go here, the basic exercise would be ok, we highly recommend anyone who is looking for trekking an Annapurna region

group joining trekking in Nepal

A mixed group from the UK, US, & CANADA heading up Thorong la pass alt 5416m), currently exploration day in Manag

(4) Group joining Annapurna circuit Trekking:  11 nights 12 days.

Group joining Annapurna circuit trek is possible for interest single trekkers, if anyone looking for some people to trek together an Annapurna circuit do not hesitate to contact us we are very happy to find other travel mates. Beautiful Annapurna circuit is one of the old trekking routes in Nepal; Annapurna circuit trek offers for trekker’s wonderful mountain view and hundreds of old Sherpa people culture and regions. Along the way, you will cross many old villages, waterfalls, suspension bridges, snowcaps, Hills, and local people. moreover, once you reach in Manag valley after a few days trek, the Annapurna mountains ranges will surround you, you will be behind Annapurna mountains and between the two above 8000m higher mountains ranges like Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains. Tharanga- la pass (Alt.5416m) is the main highlights of this trek, from the top of the pass you will see strengthen mountains view of the Whole Annapurna Mountains and Mt. Dhaulagiri ranges including upper mustang valley.

Muktinath Temple is another great site of this trek after Thorong la passes; this temple is very popular for Hindus and Buddhist pilgrims and always busy and crowded this area because of a number of pilgrims visit every day. From Muktinath, you will see a very close view of Mount Dhaulagiri and Nilgiri mountain ranges, and Ministries, Museums many more, if you feel enough and tired you can stop walk here and you can take jeep or bus drive back to Pokhara.

group joining trekking in nepal
(On the top of the poon hill viewpoint (alt.3210m) background view is mountain Annapurna range)

(5) Group join Ghorepani poonhill trekking:  4 nights 5 days 

Group joins Ghorepani poonhill trek is short and sweet trekking trail an Annapurna region of Nepal. if planning to do trekking in Nepal, but you don’t know where to go for the first time of trekking experience in Nepal then this is a perfect trekking route for you. From Poonhill viewpoint (Alt. 3210m), you shall see panoramic Annapurna mountains view including many mountains peaks from a close distance.

4 nights 5 days short trek will be great memories in your lifetime, along the way you will cross several villages, paddy lands, waterfall, snowcaps and reach culture and religion of this area. In this region mixed ethnic groups live namely Gurung, Magar, Chhetri many more each of them have different lifestyles and religions, but they live in the same society for a long time, and they collaborate always for any social works. Always, in this area people are very friendly and helpful, they provide for trekkers warm hospitality in their lodges and restaurants along the trek.

Ghorepani Poonhill trek starts from one and half hours scenic drive from Pokhara to Nayapool, basically, you will walk from here, after two days walk you will reach at Ghorepani Hill (Alt. 2800m),  following early morning you will hike to Ponohill viewpoint (alt 3210.) about one hour up for a sunrise view of whole Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountain. Then continue trek to Tadapani, Ghandruk, and finally back to Pokhara via Nayapool. and your trek ends here.

group joining trekking in nepal.
(Sunrise view from Mardi Himal viewpoint during the Mardihimal trek in October 2019. and credit goes to Clare Lu lu from Hongkong)

(6) Mardi Himal group joining Trek : ( 5 nights 6 days) 

Group joining Mardi Himal trek is a newly open trekking route but immediately became very famous for all trekkers an Annapurna region.  Mardi Himal trekking route is located just opposite side hills from Annapurna base camp trek trail, and beneath of Mount fishtail and Mardi Himal peak. Mardi Himal base camp trek is famous for a magnificent view of whole Annapurna mountains ranges including Mt. Fishtail (Machhapuchhre), Mardi Himal viewpoint is the best place to explore from a close distance to all Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains ranges.  Alt 4560m Mardi Himal base camp you will reach after 4 days trek from Pokhara, and return back is only two days will be enough because descending is easier than ascending.

Mardi Himal, 5 nights 6 days short trek begins after one drive from Pokhara to Dhampush Phedi, first, fewer days you will walk through the Jungle till the high camp, once you reach at top of the hill or end of the ascends of this trek, you shall be offered to strengthen Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains view from very close distance in sunrise and sunset moment.  from the beginning of this trek to the end of the day, you will see everyday Annapurna mountains as well as local villages, paddy lands, waterfall, suspensions bridge, and fascination culture and their basic lifestyle. You always suggest you this is the perfect trekking route in Nepal for a short trek in Nepal, and we can easily find other interested trekkers for this trek

group joining trekking in nepal.
On the top of the Lareke la pass (alt 5130m.) during the upper great Himalayan trail in 2019 let spring.

(7) Group joining Manaslu Circuit Trekking: 12 nights 13 days.

Group joining  Manaslu circuit trekking is located North West of Kathmandu, and laying in the Gorkha district of Nepal as well as a bordering with massive Annapurna mountain ranges and Tibet, China. Mount Manaslu (Alt. 8167m) itself above 8000m highest mountain in the world. Manaslu circuit trekking means walking around mount Manaslu, those who want to see mount Manaslu and many other mountain ranges of this region from a close distance and visit very old Buddhist people habitation, lifestyles, religions, many more. Compare to Annapurna, and Everest region still Manaslu region is not well developed in accommodations, food, and transportation, but still, you can stay overnights at tea houses and lodges and you can eat at restaurants.

Nowadays more people looking for groups for this trek, because of sharing the restricted permits, transport, guide, and expenses during the trek,  join with groups mean you will also reduce the trip cost, because of sharing the cost.

This beautiful trekking starts after a 6 to 7 hours drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola or you can also go more further to Machhi Khola –Khola besi by local jeep. At beginning of this route you will walk through between two big Hills and mainly follow to Budi Gandaki river for several days until the Lho gaon (alt 3300m), you shall see the first view of Mount Manaslu from Lho.  Lho and Sama gaun are the big Buddhist people stalemates of this region, from Sama gaun you can go a day hike to Manaslu base camp or Mahendra Tal both sits are very pretty and remarkable, onwards the main highlights of this trek are Larke pass (alt. 5130m) this pass is a very long pass among many adventure pass in Nepal. From the top of the pass, you can see a wonderful mountain view of Annapurna and Manaslu. Then after mainly you will descending to another side of mount Manaslu and meet the old classical Annapurna circuit trek trail in Dharapni, and you can take a local jeep drive back to Kathmandu where your trek ends.

group joining trekking in nepal

British couple the Langtang gaun in 2017 November, and in-front mountains view is mount Gangchhembu Himal (alt 64300m)

(8)  Group joining Langtang valley Trek : (7 nights 8 days)

Langtang valley 7 days 8 nights short trekking route located north from Kathmandu valley. Langtang valley is the third popular trekking route after Everest and Annapurna region in Nepal. Langtang valley trek is popular for a panoramic view of Langtang Himal range, Ganesh Himal range including many other mountain peaks, and historic Tibetan Culture, Nature, Wildlife, flora, fauna, different spices of birds, landscapes are the main attraction from this trek. Langtang valley is laid into the Langtang national park area; Langtang national park is one of the most popular national parks in Nepal among the other nine national parks in Nepal.  Inside the national park, we can see wild animals likely Longer monkey, Leopard, Dare, Himalayan back Bear, Rare Red panda, and different types of birds as well as a beautiful jungle of bamboo, black Oke, pine tree including  Nepalese national flower tree call rhododendron and many more.

Group joining Langtang valley trekking is more beneficiary in both, Mountain View, and culture tour for trekkers from worldwide, this short and sweet trek start from Sybrubesi after 7 hours bus drive from Kathmandu through the beautiful landscapes. Basically, trekkers start the walk from sybrubesi then after following fewer days you will trek through the Langtang national park via the Lama Hotel and Langtang gaun then finally you will be reaching in Kyanjing gompa (Alt3700m)it’s the last stop of this trek, and then next morning you will hike 3- 4 hours up to Kyanging –ri viewpoint (Alt. 4800)  from where you shall be enjoying with the panoramic Langtang valley mountains view such as one of the adventure pass of this region call  Ganjala pass alt.4500m). Gangchempu Himal (alt 6470m), Nayakhang peak (alt. 585m), Yala peak (Alt7500m) Tserkore viewpoint (alt. 4900m), and Langtang Lirung glacier from a very close distance. After exploring all these magic beauties of Langtang valley you will slowly return back to Kathmandu in few days descend to the same way as you went up before till the Sybrubesi or Dunche then after bus or jeep drive back to Kathmandu.

Option, if you have more days left in Nepal and still you want to continue trekking then you still trek to Gasaikunda lake, it’s another 4 to 5 days trek and its really worth it to go Gosaikunda lakes, from where you can see more nice mountains view and holy lakes of Gosaikunda.

Group joining trekking in nepal.

Beautiful Gokyo lakes and Mount Choyuo, which is above 8000m higher mountain in the world.

(9)  Group joining Gokyo lake Trekking : (10 nights 11 days )

Gokyo Lake is both, cultural and beautiful scenery of Mount Everest region from a very close distanceGroup joining Gokyo lake trekking route is a branch of Everest base camp trekking an Everest region Nepal. Everest base camp and Gokyo Lake both are very famous trekking routes among several trekking routes in this area. And both trekking routes are connected to each other via Chola pass (alt. 5360m)

Group joining Gokyo lake  trekking begins after 30 minutes a scenic flight from Kathmandu, basically, you shall start the walk from Lukla, where you will meet your supporting staff, and Lukla is the main getaway of Mount Everest region trekking routes. Beginning of the Gokyo lake trek you won’t feel hard, the route is going smoothly short descending and slowly ascend till the Manjo, at Manjo villages you have to buy a Sagarmatha national park tickets, afterward till the Namche the trail lead you more ascending through the Dudhkosi river and alpine forest till the Namche.

You will see the first view of Mount Everest from Namche (alt 3400m) after two short days trek from Lukla, and generally, most of the trekkers spend two nights in Namche, because of for high altitude acclimatization, and it’s compulsory for all trekkers. At the test in Namche, you will hike to Everest view hotel. 3800m) 3 to 4 hours for a panoramic view of Mt. Everest, Mt. Lhotse, mt. Ama Dablam, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Thamserku from a very close distance, including many beautiful mountains.  Continually you will be trekking to Gokyo Lake via Mongla dada, Dole, Macchermo and finally after 3 more days treks from Namche you will reach in beautiful Gokyo lake (alt 4700m), following morning you will hike to Gokyo –ri viewpoint alt.5360m) for exploring the beauty of the Everest region, from top of the Gokyo ri viewpoint, you shall see, strengthen mountains view of whole Everest region mountains including beautiful Gokyo lakes as well as a big and deep Cho yuo mountain glaciers from close distance in sunrise and sunset time. And slowly return back to Lukla ina few days trek descend through the same way.

Moreover, along the way, you will cross so many and old Sherpa people stalemates, waterfall, suspensions brides, snowcaps, monasteries, museums a magic landscapes, and reaches culture and religions of Sherpa people from this region. So Gokyo valley is the most beautiful trekking in Nepal.  I would highly recommend to anyone worldwide.

Three high passes photography trek
(Sree, standing on top of the Renjola pass and enjoying with the view of the magnificent mountain of whole Everest region and the beautiful Gokyo lakes

(10) Group joining Three High passes Trekking: 16 nights 17 days

Everest three high passes trekking route is one of the most adventure and beautiful trekking routes in the Everest region, Nepal. Top three high passes connected each other in one go without stooping through the beautiful landscapes of Mount Everest region, Nepal. These popular three high passes namely called Khongma- la Alt. 5567m, Cho la pass Alt. 5360m, and Renjo la passes 5361m.) if anyone who completes the adventure walk through this high passes trek then we would proudly say that you have covered the most highlights and beautiful mountains viewpoints of mount Everest region for exploring from a close distance the beauty of Everest region mountains and Sherpa people habitation and their culture and religions.

Group joining three high passes trekking is more difficult compare with Everest base camp trek and Gokyo lake in this valley, but you shall be enjoying and explore the more nice parts of the view and landscapes of the mountains. If anyone planning for this trip you should be well prepared in your physical fitness, and mentally as well, minimum we request you 4 months of physical fitness before your adventure trip start likely running, hiking, cycling, etc could help you to complete this type of adventure walking routes in Nepal.

Three high passes trekking route offer a magnificent mountains view from different angels including magic Sherpa lands from this region. From each three high passes top, you will see the best view of the whole Everest region including many other popular mountain peaks. the itinerary is the same as Everest base camp trek until the Dinbuche if you start crossing high passes via Khongma la pass, but if you go via Renjo la pass as a first pass then you will go via Thame –Lungden before cross 1st pass Renjo la (alt. 5360m), however, both routes are beautiful and you won’t miss any view, it’s same days trek, the same amount of walk each day and the same view, but the many our clients use to say first start via Khongma la pass is easier and comfortable to complete these passes in one go. So we would highly suggest anyone who is looking for these types of adventure trekking partners for safe and safety during this trek we can look for some more people and make a group on the same date or same week.

langtang and gosaikinda lake trek
mount Langtang lirung, mount Ganesh Himal, Mount Annapurna ranges and in far distance mount Manaslu ranges view from Laurebinae pass

(11) Group joining Gosaikunda lake Trek:  5 nights 6 days 

Gosaikunda is a holy lake and a spiritual place in the Langtang region of Nepal. Both Hindus and Buddhist people use to visit every year. Naturally and culturally beautiful Gosaikinda Lake located in the north of Kathmandu valley and lays’ in Langtang national park, this beautiful landscapes of Nepal not only offered spiritual journey here, but you can also explore the glory of Himalayas from a very close distance such as Langtang Himal ranges, Ganesh Himal range, and continually Mount Annapurna mountains ranges, Mount Manaslu ranges many more from Laurebinahie pass (alt. 4600m), Once you reach in Gosaikunda lake Alt. 4300m) you shall see beautiful holy Gosaikunda lake and you can visit around the lake and touch the fresh water from lakes, as well as you can also hike up to 200 to 300m up for more mountains view and landscapes of Langtang valley region.

Historically, Gosaikunda lake was crate by God Shiva, when he went to into the Himalaya for permanent resident for his whole life, along the way he felt thirsty and wants drink water, but there was no water so he planned to digging the water by his weapon (Trident) in the mountains and immediately the water was coming out and he drunk, then after he left the place the water was come continually and made itself the beautiful holy Lake now.

On the way to Chisapani from Nagarkot -Nepal
On the way to Chisapani from Nagarkot -Nepal

(12) Group joining Helambu Circuit Trek: 4 nights 5 days

Group joining the Helambu valley is a very popular trekking route in Nepal. Helambu circuit trek is located northeast from Kathmandu, this short and sweet trek is popular for panoramic mountains views, such as Mount Everest region, Mount Dorje lakpa,  mount Langtang Himal mountains range and further snowcaps, Hills, fascinating culture, glamorous people, waterfall, farmlands, wildlife, and domestic animals,  as well as a beautiful landscapes many more.

Anyone, if you are beginners for trekking in Nepal and looking for short and easy trekking here then the Helambu circuit trekking route would be the best choice for you. This short trekking route will provide you a lot of trekking and hiking experience in Nepal, Helambu valley is not far distant from the capital, Kathmandu Nepal.  Helambu circuit trekking route begins from Sundarijal after one hour drive from Kathmandu, into the Shivapuri national park, onwards you shall be trekking through  Chisapani  – Kutumsang – Mangin Goth  -Thadepati – Melamchi gaun – Tarkegang and trek back to Melemche pool where your short trek ends here.

Moreover, Chisapani Alt.2100m) , Thadapati (alt. 3700m) would be the best viewpoint on to explore the Mount Everest region in the far distance, Mount Dorje Lakpa,  mount Langtang Himal mountains, and Melamchi gaun and Tarke Ghayng are the old Tibetan villages, where you can see 600 to 700 old monasteries and caves as well as we can also see the traditional villages and their basic daily lifestyle. Helambu circuit trekking route is both cultural and natural beauty, so I would highly recommend this trekking route in Nepal.

Final Say: 

After  this   pandemic  if anyone is  lookingfor   Group joining trekking and peak climbing in Nepal  then We Nature Explore trekking team are  there for you .We are  expert in managing  your trekking , finding your climbing mates, and group joining trekking and peak climbing.Group joining trek are  beneficiaries for single travelors , especially those who looking to  cut the high cost and share all expenses includes  Accommodation, Transportation, Guide, Supporting staff, restricted area permits with others trekkers.And the plus point is that you can make the friend who has the same interest and share some experience while trekking which will  eventually contribute to the memorable experience. We are very professional to manage easy to hard trekking and climbing in Nepal, Tibet, and Bhutan.

We Nature Explore Trekking team are the best local experts as a local trekking and climbing agency in Nepal, we organize all types of outdoor and indoor activities since 2015. We have a great team who work with us full time and they are native from the mountains region of Nepal. Our guides know how to take care of and support our clients in mountains. Our main focus is your safety and security in mountains, whatever we talk about here the same things we deliver in mountains too. So if you are planning for trekking to Kanchenjunga or Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu circuit trek, and peak climbing in Nepal then Contact us anytime we are happy to be your help in Nepal as a local guide always.