Trip Grades

Nature Explore Trekking company carefully assigns grades to each itinerary package based on research into the level of challenge involved.

When we calculate the actual grade of the popular adventure himalayan trekking package we take into account a number of factors such as the total length , the numbers of the itinerary days , the acclimatization process. the landscapes  of the tough , the elevation gain, and the physically demanding section along the route.

Our popular Trekking , Tour , and Peak climbing programs are generally factores into the categories .Easy to moderate and moderate to hard and challenging.

 Easy Grade Trekking In Nepal:

Easy grade trekking in nepal  numbers route are available into the Nepalese Himalaya. Easy grade trekking routes generally start from low altitude about 750m / 2500 Ft. and end lower than altitude of 3500m, 11200 Ft. The trek days we count 5 to 7 days maximum. and each day you will trek 3 to 5 hours and the train will be easier ,smoothly ascending and descending through the beautiful landscapes.

Generally , this type of trek route is suitable for beginners such as  family trekking in nepal with kids,as well as  those people who haven’t done a long hike and  who doesn’t have  long time in Nepal ,but still want to trek. As you don’t walk in high altitude and higher sections of the mountain. An easy grade trekking route will give a good opportunity to learn about trekking in Nepal for long trekking preparation.  An easy grade trek route also doesn’t require much training and preparation before you go on holiday in Nepal.

Easy  Grade trekking route in Nepal 

  1. Ghorepani PoonHill Trek –  3 to 5 days.
  2. Langtang valley Trek  – 7 days
  3. Ghandruk Trek – 3 days
  4. Mardi Himal Trek –  7 days


Easy to Moderate Trekking In Nepal.

 Easy to Moderate trekking In Nepal is suitable for those travelers who love to trek in Nepal for one or two weeks. generally you will trek per day for 6 to 7 hours and along the trail  you will see some   stairs , ups and downs, hills through  Nepalese people, old villages , beautiful forest , Hills , snowscapes. On the moderad trekking route you will trek  to  4500m to 5000m /16400 Ft.

When you are planning this type of trek , you don’t need to have done any previous treks but basically you need physical preparation. It is highly  recommended to list from 2 to 3 months earlier from your departure date.

Easy to Moderate trekking packages in Nepal:

  1. Ghorepani – Poonhill Trek – 7 days
  2. Annapurna Base Camp Trek – 9 days
  3. Mardi Himal Trek – 7 days
  4. Everest view trek – 7 days
  5. Tamang Heritage trail Trek.


Moderate  Grade Trek :

The adventure’s trekking routes which demand physical and mentally preparation and this type of trekking itinerary  will go for many days. Moderate trekking routes will be helpful if you have done trek in the past as you will be trekking in the mountains for many days. Past trekking experience is not compulsory if you prepared both mentally and physically.

When you plan such a moderad types of trekking in Nepal generally you have to walk 7 to 8 hours a day. During the trek you will have to walk an easy rugged trail to a higher altitude section of the himalaya. The moderad types of trekking trails lead you  to different regions of landscapes and high altitude gain such as 5000 m to 5500m from sea level.


Moderate Hiking Trail Trekking List:

  1. Everest Base Camp Trek for 12 days
  2. Gokyo lake Trek for 11 days
  3. Ama Dablam Base Camp trek  for 11 days
  4. Langtang valley with Gosainkunda Lake -10 day
  5. Annapurna circuit Trek – 12 Days.

Strenuous Trekking Grade :

Strenuous trekking grades are suitable for those people who really want to experience a  bit of challenging and thrilling experience during the trekking to the himalayas in Nepal. Strenuous trekking routes always  take you through the rough ,  adventures trail  , high passes and challenging  trails  into the himalaya up to 5000m to 5500m from sea level. Everyday will have to cover 7 to 8 hours a day walking.

When you chose this type of trekking route in Nepal, you also required good experience of trekking , hiking  as you are going to cross high passes, walk through glaciers , navigate the trail , climb on the ice and sometimes face unpredictable weather conditions while you are trekking in the higher section of the trek. Yes, previous trekking experience is very important and we would highly recommend it to adventure lovers from around the globe.


Strenuous Trekking trail routes List

  1. Everest Base Camp combine Gokyo lake
  2. Everest three high passes trek 
  3. Annapurna Thorong la pass
  4. Manaslu circuit , Larkela pass trek 
  5. Kanchenjunga trek
  6. Makalu base camp trek
  7. Upper dolpo trek


Challenging Trek Grade:

Challenging Grade treks in Nepal are one of the most demanding , very hard and adventure trekking trail routes. when you chose a challenging grade trek , definitely  required deep trekking and climbing knowledge   into the mountains as you are tracking numbers of days in remote places . These types of trekking routes take you through the adventure high passes in remote regions of the country , so good   experience  about navigating the trail and fash any unpredictable weather situation and having to be well prepared both physically and mentally and with good enough equipment for the higher section of trek.

Challenging , grade routes are not included in normal treks garde route above we explain in easy to strenuous trek grade. challenging routes always  give you challenges  from beginning to the end of the trek as you are going for a long trek for many days in the remote part of the country.  When you are planning such a big trip , basically you need a number of days , a big budget and well prepared with good information details from experience, local expertise and many more.

Generally , on this type of trek , you have to cover the destations per day for 7 to 8 hours. You also have to walk  several days in high altitude ,and maximum high altitude will be alt. 5800 to 6000m. Previous trekking and high passes trekking experience is demanded when you choose challenging treks  routes in Nepal.


Challenging grade trekking routes In Nepal

  1. Makalu base camp with sherpani col pass trek
  2. Tashi laptsa pass trek
  3. Ama Laptse pass trek
  4. Lumba sumba pass Trek
  5. Tilman pass trek
  6. Ganjala pass trek
  7. Upper dolpo Trek

In conclusion, We (Nature Explore Trek) provide a variety of trekking packages in Nepal,which are categorized into different grades based on the difficulty levels which are  easy,moderate,strenuous and challenging.Easy trek are suitable for beginners,family trek ,while Moderate trek offers a bit more challenging and is for those with some experience  .Strenuous trek requires good physical fitness challenging treks are more demanding often involves high altitude,rough terrain and long duration.Trekkers should choose a grade that matches their experience,fitness level and desire for adventure,ensuring a safe and enjoyable trekking experience.