Best Season

Autumn and Spring season are considered to be the best seasons to Trek in Nepal.Autumn and spring  seasons offer the  best trekking experience as it provides the warm temperature with clear weather resulting in clear visibility,pleasant weather  and breathtaking landscapes . Although trekking in the Summer and winter season is not as favorable as spring and autumn,   by taking precautions we can trek.

Autumn season:

(from mid September, October , November & Mid December)

Autumn starts after the monsoon ends  supposed to from mid september, but  In the last few years we have had different experiences  with the weather as monsoon season  goes longer till the beginning of October. In this season the weather will be favorable and mostly sunny days, in this season less rain, mainly sunshine in the mountains, the clouds will move and a clear blue sky will come up.  The temperature will be not high and not low, approx 18 to 23 during the day and at night 10 to 13 degrees, you don’t  feel colder or hot.  In the autumn season Nepal trekking will be more fun and enjoyable in clear weather, we have a long experience about weather in fall. welcome to Nepal all  trekking and  climbing adventure lovers  in the autumn season.  In the meantime several Nepalese festivals are going on, such as Dashain , Tihar , Chhat , Loshar. The festival  will add to your travel more fun and a nice experience to celebrate with locals if you want to participate with them. 

Between mid-September to the end December is the best time for trekking in Nepal every year, no doubt about the weather , We Nature explore trek team highly recommend this season  for all of you who love to visit Nepal for adventure trekking, tour and peak climbing many more.

Spring season :

(March – April – May)

Spring is another biggest trekking and mountaineering  season in Nepal which starts right after the end of the winter season in Nepal.  Spring starts from  March to  May, the colder is move to higher in mountains and temperature will rising up slowly day by day, mostly will  be sunshine day, clear blue sky and spring season also great time for  blooming the different types of the flowers  including our national flower rhododendron.As it is the spring season is another  second biggest   trekking and peak climbing season after autumn.

Those travelers who plan to visit Nepal in the spring season will be another perfect time to visit the himalayas. In spring tentatively , the temperature will rise up to between 20 to 25 during the day, and in the morning and evening it will come down to 10 – 12. After the spring monsoon starts soon,  the temperature will increase and there might be little rain in the mid hill and  in the mountains it can be snowing. Spring season is for growing  the new seeds and as it is growing new plants all over the hills  the landscapes look more green and flowers around. You can enjoy the beautiful Nature  landscape and a good view of the mountains.

  1. Everest base camp trek
  2. Gokyo valley and Renjola pass trek
  3. Three high passes in Everest region
  4. Annapurna circuit 
  5. Annapurna base camp 
  6. Khire lake trek 
  7. Poonhill trek 
  8. Mardi Hmal trek 
  9. Langtang valley trek  
  10. Langtang valley and Gosaikunda Lake 
  11. Manaslu circuit trek 
  12. Tsum valley trek 
  13. Kanchenjunga base camp 
  14. Makalu base camp
  15. Pikey peak trek 
  16. Everest short trek 
  17. Kathmandu – Chitwan – Lumbini – Pokhara tour
  18. Muktinath temple tour
  19. A day Manakaman temple tour.
  20. One day Chandragiri cable car tours many more

 Peak climbing:

  1. Mara peak Alt. 6461m.
  2. Island peak alt.6173m. 
  3. Lobuche east Alt 6178m. 
  4. Chulu west peak Alt. 6422m. 
  5. Yala peak Alt. 5700m.

Winter season :

(Mid December – January – February– Early March)

Winter season  is not favorable weather in the mountains like in autumn and spring.  The temperature will go  down compared to autumn and spring , but not really worse . still you can do the  modared grade treks. We don’t suggest you go higher adventure trekking and peak climbing in winter as the weather is not perfect , and it might be snowing or more chilly.   Weather is unpredictable, if there is heavy snowing in winter months  it may disturbed your holiday and you can’t  complete the whole journey to the himalaya. Nature explore trek  always suggests  to travelers those who want to visit Nepal in winter , you can still visit the country and do small treks and more sightseeing but not to plan long and high passes  adventure treks in these months.

Moderate  Grade Trek suggestion  List.


  1. Everest Base Camp trek
  2. Langtang valley Trek
  3. Ghorepani PoonHill Trek 
  4. Mardi Himal Trek 
  5. Annapurna Circuit Trek 
  6. Upper Mustang Trek 
  7.  Pikey peak Trek 
  8. Gokyo Lake Trek 
  9. Everest Panorama view trek 

Summer Season

Summer season in Nepal is known as the monsoon season. and it starts at the end of June to september. Monsoon season is considered as the unfavorable season to trek in Nepal. as the heavy rainfall results in slippery routes,landslides and this weather can affect your holiday in Nepal. However this season is perfect to trek in Tibet – Kailash – Manasarovar lake tour ,Upper Mustang Trek ,Nar-Phu Valley and Dolpo region as these regions are rain shadow areas.

Summer season is not ideal season to trek but that doesn’t mean you cannot trek in this season you can trek by taking the precaution however we don’t recommend you to trek in these season as your safety comes first.In this season hills and valley comes alive with the vibrant plants and the surrounding becomes more greenery as  the fresh air hits your face along the way.