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About Annapurna Mountain.

Annapurna Mountain Range , There are many beautiful and world-renowned mountains in Nepal, such as Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu, Mt. Dhaulagiriand many more, but the popularity of the Annapurna mountain range exceeds many others. Annapurna I, II, III, IV, and Annapurna South are all part of the Annapurna mountain range. It takes at least 3 weeks to explore the entire Annapurna mountain range. The Annapurna circuit via Thorong La pass (5416m.) ending at the Annapurna base camp is the best way to explore the entire Annapurna mountain range. Annapurna II, which is just 40 meters shorter than 8000 m, is the first mountain visible from just before Chame. If, as scientists say, the Indian plate and Tibetan plate continue to collide and gradually increase the elevation of the Himalaya Mountains, then Annapurna II will be the second mountain in the Annapurna range over 8000 meters. Annapurna IV and III are seen west of Annapurna II. Gangapurna and Tilicho peaks are other popular mountains in the Annapurna range. Pisang and Braka Manang are 1000-year old villages whose people migrated from Tibet long ago. During this 3 week-long tour, the world’s highest lake, Tilicho Lake (4940m.) is another sight that cannot be missed. After seeing Annapurna II, III, IV, and others, then you must cross the world’s longest pass, Thorong La, to see Annapurna I. Many people cross this pass nearly all year-long (depending on weather conditions), but it is busiest in the autumn and spring.

mount Annapurna I

Annapurna I alt. 8091m.view from Annapurna base camp.

The tallest mountain in the Annapurna range, Annapurna I (8091 m), has an interesting story. Before declaring Mt. Everest as the tallest mountain, Annapurna I was declared the highest mountain for some years when British surveyors reached Annapurna and measured an elevation over 8000 m. They called this mountain the top of the world, but later on, when they went further east and found higher peaks, Mt Everest then became the highest known mountain. Somehow, however, Annapurna I took this crown for some years. There are many technically difficult mountains to climb, and Annapurna I am among them. Exploring the beautiful Kaligandagi Gorge (the world’s deepest gorge), between the Annapurna range and Dhaulagiri, is an exciting experience. The holiest mountain Mt. Fishtail is another attraction of this trek. Just over 6000 meters high, this mountain looks like the Burgee Khalifa tower.

How difficult is the Annapurna circuit trek ?

The beginning of the Annapurna Circuit is easy and slowly increases in difficulty after a week. After crossing Thorong La (alt. 5416m), the trail becomes a bit easier again, until arriving at Tatopani. After Tatopani, the trail is a bit difficult until reaching Annapurna base camp. It is highly recommended that you take a guide and porter to help make your Annapurna experience memorable and comfortable.

One the way to Thorangla pass



Manag Braga village alt. 3470m

The trek begins in an area of the Annapurna conservation area called Lamjung, where the majority of people belong to the Gurung, Chhatri, and  Bharman ethnics group, a people known for their friendliness and hospitality. Gurungs have their own Buddhist calendar, language, festivals, and beautiful songs, although some are also part of the Hindu religion. Around day 5, when you will reach the Manang District, which is typically called the heart of Annapurna, you will experience a more interesting culture. The people of Manang migrated from Tibet thousands of years ago and believe in Buddhism. When one of Nepal’s kings witnessed their difficult living conditions in 1800 AD, one member of each family was given the opportunity to work in Hong Kong under full government sponsorship. Today, as a result of this policy and the influx of money from tourism, the Manang has become Nepal’s wealthiest ethnic group.



Ghandruk village alt. 1900m

Nice and clean guest houses are available from the beginning to the end of the trek. In some places, like Manang, Jomsom, Ghorepani, and Ghandruk, you can get a room with an attached bathroom. Other places may not have an attached bathroom but are still nice and clean.



Delicious food  in the mountain,)Most guesthouses have their own restaurant, where they provide locally grown organic Nepali food. The Annapurna Conservation Project trains local people to cook.



A famous apple Garden village in the mountain. (Marpha alt. 2660m)

Nepal’s best apple farms are located in an area of Lower Mustang called Marpha. Many farmers sell apples commercially to major cities like Pokhara and Kathmandu. Marpha is also famous for apple brandy.

Weather in Annapurna region:

September, October, and November (autumn), and March, April, and May (spring) best time to visit the Annapurna region for trekking in Nepal.  Both seasons are the perfect time to complete the trekking and climbing an Annapurna region of Nepal.

Autumn: (September, October, and November)

Annapurna basecamp trek

From mid-September to the end of the November is good weather in mountains including an Annapurna region of Nepal, autumn season start after the monsoon season ends here, in autumn the weather will be perfect for Trekking, and Climbing here, most of the days it will be sunshine, clear and blue sky, very less chance to rain and snow in the mountains, the cold wind and cloudy will be still not descending to the lower part of mountains, so from mid-November in the higher parts of the trek or near big mountains area, the cold winds and the temperature can be slowly changed and increasing day by day into the cold, and it can befall fresh snow around the mountains, but not for a long time just for fewer hours and the following  morning you will have a great mountains view with fresh snow, it happens only sometimes. November fresh snow will be not frozen like in winter in Himalaya so it will be no problems for a walk on the trail during your trek.

So we would highly recommend, please trek an Annapurna in autumn season is the best time for good and clear mountains view and in this season in Nepal celebrate several festivals, like Dhashaen, Tihar, Chhat, and Loshar more…


Spring (March, April, and May.)

Before reach at top of the Thorong la pass

Trekking in the Annapurna region in the spring seasonSpring season, from mid – March to the end of May is the best month for trekking in Nepal including the Annapurna region. Spring season is always beautiful moments for growing new plants, new seeds, and blooming various types of flowers around the Himalayas, spring start after winter ended in Nepal, As my experience, the early march would be still snowing and cold in mountains, because of winter is just ends but from the end of March, the temperature will be move-in hot and day by day it will be changed in very hot especially when you walk through the mountains landscapes. slowly cold winds will be a move to higher parts of the mountains most of the day it will be sunshine and it comes after very clear and crystal mountains view as well the landscapes will be changed from dry to green and many trees will be blooms flowers around of mountains, so spring is the new season of this year. Sometimes an afternoon it might be some fresh snow that comes around you and make feel colder with cold winds, but the following morning you will have a clear mountains view with fresh snow. So I would highly recommend you all spring is the second good trekking season in Nepal after the autumn season.

Winter season: from mid- December to February is the winter in Nepal,

This month into the mountains it will be lots of snowing and cold, so winter is a not perfect time for a long trek or higher passes treks in Nepal, but small. And short days trek still you can do nearly by the Pokhara, Kathmandu.

Monsoon season: from  June, July august to mid- September.)

The monsoon season here, it will be a lots rain and cloudy, so it’s not a good idea to make a plan to visit Nepal for trekking in higher parts of the mountain, but still, you can visit in Nepal for short treks, and sightseeing around the Kathmandu, Chitwan, Lumbini, and  Pokhara, and still you can also trek in less rain area of Nepal likely Upper mustang trek, Dolpa region trek, Humla, Jumla, Rara lake trek, Limi valley trek. Many more


  1. Annapurna circuit trek 14 days.

Thorng la Phedi alt.4500m.

An Annapurna region, Annapurna circuit trek is the old and famous trekking route since trek routes were open by governments.  Annapurna circuit trek means to complete the walk around Annapurna mountains ranges, after car road building close to the mountain, off- course trekking trail was destroyed and now, the new trekking route starts from Darapani or Bagarchhap after a long drive from Kathmandu.  the old route was started from Beshishar when driving rode is opened then you can hide several days trek in lower parts of the Annapurna circuit trek, I don’t suggest you always don’t go directly lower altitude to higher altitude even car rode go more further ahead, If you go directly long drive near mountain it can be dangerous from high altitude and your trek can’t be successful, because of the high altitude can badly affect your trek. So as my long experience start your trek from a lower altitude and go slowly to a higher part of the trek.

Annapurna circuit trek location is in between the Manaslu and Annapurna mountains ranges in the northeast and far west of Upper mustang valley and Mount Dhaulagiri rages. An Annapurna circuit trek you will see three above eight thousand over mountains such as Mount Annapurna I (8091m), Manaslu (8167m), and Mount Dhaulagiri (8186m) including hundreds of Annapurna mountains peaks, and rare culture, religions, beautiful landscapes, different types of ethnic groups, Muktinath temples, old monastery’s and Chhorten many more read more.


(2) Ghandruk Trek via Ghorepani 

Ghorepani Poon Hill

Ghore pani -Ponn Hill Trek (alt. 3210m)

Ghandruk trek via poon hill viewpoint is one of the most popular trekking routes in the Annapurna region, this short and sweet trek gives many opportunities to explore a panoramic Annapurna mountain ranges from a close distance. if you don’t have many days in Nepal but still want to get a trekking experience before return to home then this route is perfect for you and also those who are learning about trekking in mountains before going adventure treks in other parts of the Himalayas it would be a good idea to go Ghorepani – Poon Hill trek first. From Poon Hill viewpoint (alt 3210m), you will have a magnificent Annapurna, and Dhaulagiri mountains view including many Himalayas peaks Read more


(3) Annapurna Base Camp Trek: 

Chhumrung villages and behaind mountain view is Annapurna south (alt. 7210m)

Annapurna base camp trek is a very famous and beautiful trekking route an Annapurna region. Annapurna base camp means you will trek in the base camp of Annapurna I mountain. This 7 days short trek will take you through beautiful landscapes to very close to Mt. Annapurna I (8091m), Mt. South Annapurna, (7210) Mt. Himal Chuli (alt. 6419m) and Mt. Fishtail (alt.6893m), and the biggest and longest glacier an Annapurna region, Along the way you will cross several suspension bridges, Hills, waterfall, habitation, and fertile lands, domestic’s animals, wildlife’s, many more. For details itinerary and cost please Read more


(4) Mardi Himal Trek:

mount annapurna I view from Mardi Himalviewpoint

Mardi Himal Trek is located in the south range of Mt. fishtail and just right above hills from Annapurna base camp. Mardi Himal trek begins from Kade after one hour drive from Pokhara, beginning of the trek you will walk through the pristine forest of Bamboo, Oke pine, rhododendron trees, wildlife, different spices of birds until the high camp of Mardi Himal trek, when you reach on top of Mardi Himal viewpoint (alt. 4600m) you will have a magic mountain’s view of whole Annapurna and fishtail (Machapuchre)  mountains from a very close distance.  Mardi Himal base camp or Mardi Himal viewpoint is the best mountain views in an Annapurna region. From the top of the viewpoint you will be able to catch on one picture many mountains and landscapes, so this is the short and sweet trekking route in Nepal. After exploring the Annapurna Range Mountains you will return back to Pokhara via lawng villages, in these pristine and beautiful villages you will be welcome by delicious food and great cultural dance by local people before your trek end. Read more


(5)  Khaire lake Trek / Annapurna Dhaulagiri Trek

Khaire lake trek

Khaire Lake Trek  is the holy lake in an Annapurna region. Khaire Lake located beneath of south Annapurna Mountain (alt. 7210m.) behind the Ghorepani – Poon hill viewpoint (alt. 3210m), and bordering with mount Dhaulagiri and Annapurna I (8091m).

Khaire lake trek has another name given by trekkers, call Annapurna – Dhaulagiri trek, because of you will reach a very close distance of both mountain fits of rage during this trek, and Khaire Lake Trek is also a newly open trekking route an Annapurna region, this route is not as crowded like an Annapurna base camp or Annapurna circuit trek. Annapurna Dhaulagiri trek is a much quiet and cool environment trekking trail in this region.

Khaire lake /Annapurna –Dhaulagiri trekking route begins after a few hours’ drive from Pokhara to Naya pool and basically you will walk from here, earlier of this trek you will trek through beautiful landscapes, waterfall, rivers, suspensions bridges, local people habitation, fertile paddy lands, many more. From begging of this trek to the end of the trek you would have panoramic mountains view of the whole Annapurna range, Machhapuchre,(fishtail)  and Dhaulagiri mountains view from a close distance.

Khaire lake (alt. 4600m)  is the last destination of this trek, from Khobra dada, (alt. 3800m) you will go a day hike to Khire lake (7 to 8 hours walk),  it’s the holy lake of this region, to reach this lake means almost you are touching to mount south Annapurna and mount Bhara Shikhar. This secret lake is protecting by local governments, and every year in the full moon in august many local pilgrims use to visit here. Read more


(6)  Nar -Phu valley and Kangla pass (alt. 5320m) Trek:

Nar -Phu valley Trek

Nar- Phu village, a very old Tibetan village in the Manag district of Nepal

Nar – Phu valley trekking is located northeast from Manag villages and bordering with Tibetan, China. This is the newly open trekking route an Annapurna region, and it’s open for tourists from 2003. this hidden valley trekking route is giving a big opportunity of unexplored vicinity and reach into the massive Annapurna, and  Dhaulagiri ranges, including a great chance to visit six to seven hundred years old Tibetan culture in Nar and Phu gaun.

Nar – Phu again are remote, close to the mountain, and behind the Annapurna Mountains range old Tibetan village in the upper part of the Manag district of Nepal. More than 5 to 600 years go people from Tibet immigrate to this hidden valley of Nepal. Nar- Phu and Tibet is close bordering each other, it’s just bordering with few mountains and snowcaps, and easy to excess those who live in this area for local trade, like yaks wool, and meet, ship meet, food, clothes, etc…!  Monsoon season is the best time to live here and suitable temperature for farming and spend daily basic life, they can go to Tibet in one day and come back the same day for local trade, monsoon season (May, June, and July) is the good life in this area because of less rain and temperature will be perfect neither hot nor cold.  In winter most of the people descend to down in warm places like in Pokhara and Kathmandu because in winter it will be lots snowing here.

Kang-La pass (alt 5320m) is another adventure and famous high passes an Annapurna region. after explore these old villages you shall cross the Kang-la pass (5320m) from top of the pass you will see a magnificent view of Annapurna massive and Dhaulagiri ranges including several popular mountain peaks of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mount range. Kang-la pass link with an old and classical trail call Annapurna circuit trek from Nawal villages, after cross this high and adventure pass you will be trek northwest of Annapurna mountain via Manag – Yak Kharkha – Phedi or high camp and cross Thorong – La pass (5416m) and trek back to Muktinath – Jomsom and finally fly to Pokhara from Jomsom and drive or fly to Kathmandu next day Read more 


(7) Tilicho Lake Trek:

Tilicho lake in an Annapurna region

Tilicho Lake (alt.4900m) is located west from Manag villages and lying down beneath of Tilicho peak (alt. 7134m,) Tilicho Lake is one of the highest lakes in the Annapurna region of Nepal. this popular and beautiful lake is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in an Annapurna region now, so many domestic and international trekkers use to visit this lake every year In good weather time. Once you reach the lake you will have a panoramic view of the Annapurna Mountains and you will be very close to the lake and, this is the best spot for the photographer and spends your quality time.

Tilicho lake trek is a part of the Annapurna circuit trek, you can go a side trip for fewer days from Manag village, and meet the trail in yak Kharka via Shiri Kharkha. This is the route link with the Annapurna circuit trek.

We highly suggest for trekkers, those who want to visit this beautiful lake please hire a professional guide to get there, because of Tilicho lake trail is more adventure and difficult trail, fewer places you have to cross long landslide route, quit often a big rock are falling from the above hill and the trail is very narrow and especially when heavy snowing here it’s very difficult for fine the right trail, so many individual trekkers lost. Read More 


Thank you 

Mount Annapurna region is offered several Trekking and  Climbing routes. The trek routes start from easy to hard an Annapurna region, such as Ghorepani Poon Hill, Ghanduruk village trek , Annapurna base camp, Khaire lake trek countimg in short treks in an Annapurna, and Annapurna circuit, Nar-Phu valley trek with Kang-la pass, Tilicho lake, with Meso Kanta pass are adventure and hardest treks routes in an Annapurna region. and if you planing for climbing above 6000m peaks in an Annapurna those peaks are popular likely – Chulu west peak climbing – Pisang peak climbing – Chulu far east peak climbing and Thorong peak climbing many more… 

Before you planning trekking in an Annapurna, minimum to advance buddy fitness and mentally, physically you have to be ready. Does it depend on which trek you want to do? if you go adventure treks in then you have to be well prepare and if you just planning for a short and easy trek in an Annapurna then minimum exercise is good enough.

We Nature Explore Trekking team are the best local experts as a local trekking and climbing agency in Nepal, we organize all types of outdoor and indoor activities since 2015. We have a great team who work with us full time and they are native from the mountains region of Nepal. Our guides know how to take care of and support our clients in the mountains. our main focus is your safety and security in the mountains, whatever we talk about here the same things we deliver in the mountain too. So if you are planning for trekking to Kanchenjunga or Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Manaslu circuit trek, and peak climbing in Nepal then Contact us anytime we are happy to be your help in Nepal as a local guide always.