Haunted Places in Nepal

August 6, 2017 By Admin

Haunted Places in Nepal with Best Local Guide 

Haunted place in Nepal is very popular outdoor  activites in Nepal . As we talk about ghost we see different images of ghost according to story we have heard and ghost movies we have watched. There is a worldwide debate in the topic ‘existence of Ghost’. There are lot numbers of people who believe in ghost around the world and some of them claim even being haunted by ghost many times. People have their perception of ghost. Some people take it as unsatisfied soul and some explain it as a negative energy. All religion has their own explanation of ghost. Even scientific equipment has been developed to detect ghost believing ghost as certain frequencies wave. Ghost activities are widely known as paranormal activities.

If we talk about south Asian country, then Nepal and India are country where most of the people believe in ghost and many have experience ghost. Nepal and India have common dogma on type of ghost. Ghost has been classified according to their circumstances of murder or death. If we talk about Nepal then there is lot of places spotted as haunted by number of people. Haunted place can only be spotted by people experience as there is no any parameter to figure out it exactly.

Royal Palace Kathmandu

After the royal massacre of His Majesty Birendra Bikram Shahs’ family on 19th jesth 2058 ,as nights falls people in Kathmandu talks of hearing tortured scream and crying voices repeatedly from different corner of royal palace. How the sound of walking people are heard inside royal palace. It is believed that soul of all royal family still exist there for justice to their soul. Different paranormal activities have been noticed after the death of royal family. Still the fact is in the core as normal people have no access to palace at night. Till no another fact have raised Royal Palace is haunted.


Devghat is well known place in chitwan. This bank of river is also the spot as cremation site. Police found skulls and bones on river of bank on 12th july 2009. According to local people many of them have seen some women coming there at night and dancing lightning fire in their body. It sounds quite unbelivale but many local people have same voice on this point.

Basundhara water tank

Conceret underground water tank in Dhapasi, Kathmandu is believed to be haunted. Many people say that they have noticed man walking around tank at every night. According to local people some rubber brutally killed a man and threw him in to the tank some years ago. People believe that unsatisfied soul of same person is still roaming around seeking for the justice.


Raniban is only some kilometer away from capital city Kathmandu. Most of the local people believe Raniban to be haunted. From informal interview with local people they revealed of mysterious sound, exactly like women crying is being heard from wood. As we reviewed incident took place there, we came to know about the tragic story of girl raped and murdered in this forest. Many people don’t dare to pass through jungle at night.

Mt. Everest

Center of attraction as tallest mountain in World Mt. Everest is believed to be haunted. According to Sherpa climber there is a place locally called as dead zone in the way to Mount Everest climbing where every year many people die during the climbing season. Dead zone is considered to be haunted by the climber Andrew Irvine, who died while climbing this highest peak in 1924. According some climbers Sherpa soul of Irvin visit tents to tents of other climbers at night to give good luck and to develop confidence of others climber. Sherpa also say that many dead bodies are on the way to summit. Even the souls of these climbers are roaming around. Hence, this place is considered as haunted.

There are lot of places and houses reported to be haunted around Nepal. Nepalese people believe all the cremation site are haunted as thousands of dead bodies has been bought their. People believe many souls are roaming around their periphery. Every people in context of Nepal has got story to tell about the haunted place.