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Holi festival in Nepal

Holi festival is known as a Fagu Purnima, this festival begins from  end of the Falgun month of Nepali in English mid-Feb to mid march every year.  The festival of colors  is the most popular festival in Hindu religion, Holi festival celebrates at the end of winter and beginning of spring season. More likely celebrate in Tarai region of Nepal and India , Color of this festival,  these days celebrate even by other religion like Buddhist and foreigner as well who visiting Nepal , for the Expedition, trekking, and Climbing , but this  year 2020 due to Coronavirus affected  globally,  holi festival may be affected to celebrate hugely, the government of Nepal warned to public already  not celebrating  in public area in big crowed, they will celebrate shorty at home only with family and friends , also it’s not a good idea to join in the big crowed  in this Coronavirus situation. When we celebrate the holi they use several coolers like Red, Yellow, pink, grey orange  drank green, light green many more including many more, you shall  put each other in the  face, as well as singing and dancing on the road and public places with friends and family, they also make a verity of food and drinks then celebrate together in the group. But same holi festival in Tarai region of Nepal, they celebrate the next day.

Holi festival

History of holi Festival.. 

 Once upon time a powerful king hiranyakasyapu he was a devil and he wants to become a powerful king and he wants everyone to come and pray like a powerful god. He had a son named Prahlad and he was a devotee of lord Shiva and Vishnu, Prahlad himself he doesn’t want to worship his father as a god. So hiranyakasyapu want to kill Prahlad many times but could not succeed. King has his evil sister, one day he meets with the sister to make the grand decision to killed his son so they make a new idea, so Holika and Prahlad has to stay in burning fire, but Holika was fireproof coat which can’t be born from fire. Pralhad didn’t have any like that but due to his promises to his father and Holika so he has to yes, Finally they both stay in the huge burning fire but same time windy came and fireproof coat  fly into Prahlad. So Prahlad saved and Holika born to aches so after this big sacrifice of Prahlad people started celebrating symbolism of victory god win over the evil as a holi festival.

How these festivals make impact in society

In the Latest decade, Hindus people are celebrating

In the Latest decade, Hindus people are celebrating holi festival more loudly and costly as like another big festival, especially for young generation are more happy to celebrate holi because for fun to paint face each other make all the people more fun and enjoyable moment. Holi festival celebrates differently than any other festival in Nepal and India. This festival makes a positive impact within society and culture as well because at-list for the day they remember this day and it keeps staying memorable to generation to generation. All the Nepalese people are always welcome the holi festival and celebrate every year.

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