Manaslu Circuit Trekking in October, November |April, May| Itinerary

Manaslu Circuit Trekking in Details:

Trekking to Manaslu circuit in October, November (autumn), and mid- March, April, and May (spring) is the best time of year. In this fall the weather will be perfect and sunshine most of the time.  autumn start in Nepal after monsoon finished, and cold wild is still not descending to the lower parts of the mountains, most of the days it will be more sunshine and clear and crystal view of mountains and hills from a close distance, and temperature will be reliable in these months, autumn is the best time of the year for all Nepalese too, because of the in this fall we celebrate many festivals like Dhasaen, Tihar,  Chhat, and  Lhoshar.  Spring season trekking to Manaslu is another great time; from mid-March to the end of May is the best time after autumn. Spring start after winter, winter here is lots snowing in mountains region, winter is short months that we feel and spring again start with warm temperature, and a new season for all flowers and sides, when temperature rising up than cold wind go to higher in mountains, and most of the time you will have clear mountains view, sunshine day, warm temperature, fewer winds, so spring and autumn are the best time to trek to Manaslu.

Manaslu circuit trekking route is very popular trekking route in Nepal, Manaslu circuit trekking route is located in North -West from Kathmandu, and northeast of Ghorkha districted of Nepal, Manaslu trek is more closely located in beneath of Mount Manaslu (alt 8167m) which is the world 8th highest mountains ranked and bordering with a massive Annapurna mountains range and northeast of the Manaslu trek is close to Tibet, China.

Manaslu circuit trekking means walking around the corner of mount Manaslu which is standing an elevation of 8167m from sea level.  This massive mountain offers such a beautiful trekking route around, and from begging to ends of the Manaslu circuit trekking you will have a great chance to explore the beauty of Nature, close view of mount Manaslu (alt.8167m) including several mountains peaks, fascinating culture, religions, and charming people and pristine Tibetan villages, and their daily lifestyle.

mount manaslu view from lho.
(Mount Manaslu view from Lho gaun (alt 3122m).Manaslu is the 8th highest mount in the world.)


Our clients also ask when is the Manaslu circuit trek route open for trekkers? For the first time Manaslu trekking route open from 1992, and Manaslu circuit trek route is newly open trekking route to compare with mount Everest region trekking route and Annapurna region trekking in Nepal, earlier when it was open at that time this route is not famous as Everest and Annapurna or Langtang valley trekking, because of lack of good enough information from Nepal governments, after several years latter this route is becoming very popular trekking in  Nepal, because of amazing mountains view from close distance likely Mt. Manaslu  (alt. 8167m), Ganesh himla (alt 7425m)  Himal chuli (alt. 7894), Nike peak alt. 7854m), Larke peak  (alt.6223m), including a pristine forest, Waterfalls, Suspension Bridge over the Budhi Gandaki river, snowcaps, a panoramic view of  Manaslu range, charming people and their warm welcome to gust,  fascinating culture, and religions from a long time, a magic landscapes local people habitations are the main attraction to the trekkers.

Another most popular highlights of this trek are cross the Larke- la pass (alt.5130) it’s the best viewpoint to watch mount Manaslu and several others mountains, this pass is the hardest pass of this trek, after cross larker-la pass you will come back to another side mountains near an Annapurna mountains ranges.  Some people also call for Manaslu circuit trek, larke la pass trek, but both names are the same and trekking route, the itinerary is the same.

Manaslu circuit trek begins   after 7 to 8 hours drive from Kathmandu to Soti Khola by bus, but here is  another option  go by privet jeep or car then for hide a local bus and crowded inside but then ,by privet jeep or car it will be take a  less hours then in by public bus, basically you will walk from Sotikhola , almost for one week you will trek in between two big hills through the Budhi Gandaki River till the Namrung villages, you will see first view of  mount manaslu from close distance  from Lho  gaun (alt 3100m),  Lho  gau Sama gaun  old and typical people live here ,  where you can still see traditional villages ,  pristine monasteries and chhorten  and  beautiful painted house , and  Lho, Sama gaun , samdu  villages  are very close Tibet border, where you can see old monasteries , Chhorten,  pry flag,  and many monks, religiously people who live here they more respect and pry for Buddha, and they are Buddhist, while you trek though this beautiful  landscapes and  region ,  you will have a free time to visit in morning or an evening. After the visit, this nice part of this trail you will continually trek towards to Samagaun – Samdu – Dharmasala, and cross the challenging Larke – la pass alt 5130m.

Crossing Larke la pass is a quite challenging day of Manaslu circuit trek, you will start your day very early in the morning to get on top of Larke la pass before wind start, from top of the pass you will see strengthen the view of Manaslu and Annapurna mountains range from a close distance, then you will trek another side of Manaslu Mountain and meet to the classical trek route of Annapurna circuit trek.  if you have more time, and still you want to extend trek then you can trek continue to Annapurna circuit, or if you have limited time only for Manaslu circuit trek then you can take a jeep from Dharapani and drive back to Kathmandu via Beshishar.

Attraction part of Manaslu circuit trek:

  1. Trek around 8000m high mountains (Mt.Manaslu)
  2. Cross popular Larke la pass (alt. 5130m)
  3. Visit local people habitation, culture, and religions
  4. Visit old monastery in low gaun and Sama gaun.
  5. Hike to Mahendra Tal or Manaslu base camp from Sama gaun.
  6. Trek through the Budhi Gandaki River and take a hot shower in natural hot spring.
  7. Explore the beautiful landscapes, and visit old and traditional Tibetan villages.
  8. Enjoy watching a magnificent Manaslu mountain view from a close distance.
  9. A taste of Nepali organic food and drinks with warm hospitality.
  10. Visit in old heritage sites in Kathmandu before and after the trek.

(In between Bhimthang and Tilche after cross Larke pass (alt 5130m)

Manaslu circuit trekking  Itinerary

  1. Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to your Hotel. (Alt. 1300m)
  2. Preparation Day.
  3. Drive to Soti Khola from Kathmandu (alt. 740m.),8 to 9 hours
  4. Trek from Soti Khola to Machhhi Khola (alt. 920m),5 to 6 hours
  5. Machhi Khola to Jagat, 6 to 7 hours, (alt. 1440m.)
  6. Jagat to Dang, 7 to 8 hours,(alt. 1886m)
  7. Dayng to Nyak or Ghap, 6 to 7, hours (alt. 2150m.)
  8. Nayak or Ghap to Lho gaun  5 to 6 hours, (alt.3100m)
  9. Lho to Sama gaun , 4 hours, (alt 3520m)
  10. Sama gaun rest day, ( Hike to Manaslu base camp)
  11. Samagaun to  Samdu,  3 hours, (alt. 3900m)
  12. Sandu to Dharma Sala  (Larke la pass base camp), 3 hours (alt 4200m)
  13. Dharmasala to Larke – la passes (alt. 5130m) and trek to Bhimthang alt 3700m), 10 to 11 hours.
  14. Bhim thang to Dhara pani  7 to 8 hours ( alt1900m)
  15. Drive back to Kathmandu via Beshishar, 9 to 10 hours. (Alt 1300m)

Note: above given itinerary is only my suggest itinerary and generally, most trekkers use to follow this itinerary, but if you want to do this trek with a different itinerary like little longer or a bit shorter then our suggested itinerary, then you can extend your trek itinerary with us; we are flexible to make an itinerary anytime. You can customize your trek accordingly your interest and timetable.

Manaslu circuit trekking guide Hire and Daily wages:

Manaslu circuit trek required a government license holder guide, because of the Manaslu region is a restricted area of Nepal, every restricted area of Nepal if you plan for a trek then you should hire a guide, without a guide it’s not possible and you can’t go. And when you go for cheek your entrée permits to police cheek post or in Manaslu conservation office they always ask you about the guide, if you don’t have a guide then they will return back you the same way down. The guide is always helpful in a difficult situation such as if encase snowing in mountains, landslides, avalanches, loss the trail, high altitude sickens, so guide is necessary to have in Manaslu circuit trek, so hire a professional guide, who have been there with groups many times, and most professional guide know about culture, nature, and landscape of the region, while you trek through the valley guide will explain about following programs, and all information.

Professional guide cost per day $ 35 to 38 including guide food, accommodation, and insurance encase for emergency only. In the market, if you search you can also get in cheap wages guide, but they might not well enough experience and idea how to work in mountains with groups. We suggest you pay a bit more and get more information and knowledge about the Manaslu region trek which makes your trip lifetime remember with great trekking experience for you.

Manaslu circuit trek restricted area permits:

While you trek to Manaslu circuit you need to arrange restricted permits, and two conservation permits of Manaslu and Annapurna, which you can make in Kathmandu in the immigration office, you can’t make it individually, you have to go through the trekking agency and guide, before making your restricted and conservation permits they required many documents which will prepare by the trekking agency.

Manaslu restricted area permits cost for week  September to November $100 per person and if you stay longer than one week then you have to pay per day $15 per and December to August for one week $75 per person and if you stay longer than one week then per day $ 10  per head. Minimum you need to have two people for making restricted permits.

Manaslu conservation and Annapurna conservation entrée fee is per person $30 for each conservation, and permits are valid for a month.

(One of the most beautiful waterfalls along the way to Manaslu circuit trek.)

Manaslu circuit trek difficulty:

Trekking to Manaslu circuit is not easy trekking routes in Nepal, it’s a moderate /difficult, and high adventure trekking routes in Nepal, for making a successful trek you need to have well prepared mentally and physically including a certain type of fitness level is always required for this types of the trek,  Manaslu circuit trekking is difficulty route so before you planning Manaslu circuit trek minimum you need to do basic train for 3 to 4 months likely physical exercise, running, walking, Hiking, cycling many more. This will be helping you especially when it comes to the high altitude.  Similar to the Manaslu circuit, another trekking route like Makalu base camp trek, Kanchenjunga base camp trek, Everest base camp trek are also very popular and you need to have a basic fitness level for all this types treks.

Manaslu Circuit Trek Distance

From begging of the trek to end of this trek, basically each day you will walk 8 to 9 km, in hours (6 to 7 hours) each day in promptly the total duration of this trek is 12 full walking days and 2 days is driving before trek start, and after the trek. Reach on top Larke – la pass  (alt. 5130m) accordingly my suggestion itinerary it takes 10 days, that means until the Larke la pass it will be 90 km to 95 km and rest of the trek will be 70 to 75 km before trek end in Beshishare, in total it will be 180km without two driving days.

Basically each day you will walk 6 to 7 hours a day, along the way you will have a lunch break, about one and a half house after lunch you will trek continue to your destination, but fewer days of this trek you need to talk very long and someday very shorter than you aspect so in promptly you will trek each day 6 to 7 hours each day.

along the way to larke pass
(Near the top of the Larke pass alt. 5130m.)

Manaslu Circuit trek Weather and Temperature


begging of Manaslu circuit  trek it will be very hot temperature, because of your trek start  below 3000m, and when you go above 3000m then the temperature will slimly change itself and change into a bit colder compare to begging when you reach close to Manaslu mountain likely  Sama gaun, Samdu, and Larke pass it will colder than in lower parts of this trek, during the day you won’t feel colder when you walk, but in the early morning, and evening  it will be a bit colder  when you go outside for photographer and walk,  you will stay at the local tea house which is more insulated, and  warm dining hall,  Larke pass alt.5130m will be the hardest and cold parts of this trek, promptly  temperature will be in between  – 10 to 12) in the morning  and evening

Generally, most of the trekkers use to go very early morning before suns embark to cross the Larke or any other passes in the mountains, in the afternoon it will be windy and cold. I always suggest you same go very early morning on the high pass day. The important note is the weather is not predictable; please prepared well mentally and physically and bring warm clothes and good trekking boots.


Autumn and spring are the best time to visit in Manaslu circuit trek, in this fall, the weather will be very clear and crystal, fewer winds, more sunshine, and no rain. October to end of the November is the best time for trekking to Manaslu, in these months; you would have great chance to see clear mountains view, the cold wind is not descending to the lower valley of this trek, very few chances for rain, most of the day it will be a sunshine day so I would highly recommend you if you are planning for Manaslu trekking then October and November are then the best time of the year.

Another season mid-march to end of May (spring) is a great season for trekking to Manaslu, yes these months are very good and clear weather, hot temperature, less rain, but it might be bit snowing and winds in the afternoon sometime, and you might feel a little cold, but in another hand, next morning the day starts with clear and sunshine, and you will have a great view of mountains with fresh snow and green trees with clear crystal weather. March, April, and May is the famous season for growing new seeds of flowers and trees, while you trek through the valley you will see many different types of flowers and spices of birds and animals. Spring season is always a good time to trek in mountains after an autumn season in Nepal.

 High altitude sickness  in Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Manaslu circuit trekking start from lower elevation like (alt.740m) Soti Khola to the higher altitude of this trek is (alt.5130m Larke pass) and day by day you will rising up 300 to 400m higher, as you gradually ascending to higher altitude sickness also encasing slowly, once you reach at above 2500m above generally you will feel the high altitude, and the lake of oxygen in your buddy, acute mountain sickness (A.M .S) early systems are headache, vomiting, no appetite, light fever, extreme fatigue, breathing problem. High altitude is one of the most dangerous and harmful dieses in the mountain. You must think and make a quick decision about the prevention of this before it goes into the serious condition in the mountain.

High altitude systems:

  1. Vomiting
  2. Less appetite
  3. Tiredness
  4. Badly headache inside and mostly backside of the head.
  5. Light fever
  6. Shortness of breath etc…

Early Prevention of High altitude sickness:

  1. Drink warm water
  2. Garlic soup
  3. 400 to 500 descending from the current location
  4. Wear warm clothes and drink hot
  5. Try to eat slowly
  6. Stay communicates with your guide or friends.
  7. For hiding, this altitude sickness hikes 200 to 300m ascends and descends from your tea house every day.
  8. Take altitude medicine (Diamox) 125gm in 6 hours different) or if you have your own medicine with you accordingly your doctor advise
  9. If in case your health is going into the poor condition then do not let immediately call evacuation. Your health is more important than everything.)

 How to hide an altitude sickness in Manaslu circuit trek  

  • Drink more water.
  • Climb higher and sleep low.
  • Do not go a directly higher place, 400 to 600 would the limited to go in one day, and Make acclimatization day (Rest day) in between the trail.
  • Go with a professional guide and team who have a good enough knowledge about this.
  • Do not drink alcohol above 3000m until the complete your trek.

Manaslu circuit trekking Packing list

  1. Day back
  2. Water bottle 2 pair
  3. Trekking boots.
  4. Flip-flops
  5. Sunglass
  6. Woolen hat
  7. Headlight.
  8. Extra camera battery
  9. Gloves thick & thin
  10. Inner shit
  11. Sleeping bag.
  12. Full t-shirt 3 pair
  13. Half t-shirt 4 pair
  14. 13Long trousers 2 pair
  15. Inner trousers 2 pairs.
  16. Shocks full 3 pair
  17. Shocks half 3 pairs.
  18. down jacket
  19. Sweater
  20. Raincoat
  21. Walking poles
  22. Sun cream
  23. Half jacket.

Food and accommodation in Manaslu Circuit trek:


On this trek, you will have great hospitality, and delicious food from local tea house and home stay, don’t aspects like your hometown or western types of food, but still, you can eat basic food like Nepali dal bhat , breads, soups, noodles, potatoes, including lots of organic foods and drinks. And we suggest you please eat local organic food and support them, your money will go directly to them, Manaslu circuit trek is like Annapurna or Everest region, you can choose from the menu board and order at the restaurant every day.


From the beginning of the trek to end of the trek you will sleep in basic sharing base Tea house and lodges, Manaslu circuit trekking trail becomes a very popular trekking route in Nepal so many local people are building many nice tea houses along the route accept in Dharmasala or (the night before you pass Larke  ) because in this place governments still not authorized to build a nice tea house

Thank you

on the top of Larke la pass
on the top of Larke pass (alt 5130m)


Manaslu Circuit treks are one of the most beautiful trekking routes in Nepal, where you can see, world 8th  highest mountain including many beautiful mountains peaks. trekking to Manaslu is not an easy for beginners trekkers, compared to Everest base camp and Annapurna region, Manaslu and around trek including Larke pass trek is more adventure and count in hard treks in Nepal, so basically you have to be well prepared well with good enough fitness level.

We Nature Explore Trekking team are the best local experts as a local trekking and climbing agency in Nepal, we organize all types of outdoor and indoor activities since 2015. We have a great team who work with us full time and they are native from mountains region of Nepal. Our guides know how to take care of and support our clients in the mountains. Our main focus is your safety and security in the mountains, whatever we talk about here the same things we deliver in the mountain too. So if you are planning for trekking to Manaslu or Everest region, Annapurna region, Langtang region, Kanchenjunga base camp trek, and peak climbing in Nepal then Contact us anytime we are happy to be your help in Nepal as a local guide.