Hire a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek, Cost and Itinerary

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On the top of the Larke la pass (alt.5130m)


Hiring a licensed Guide/Government guide license holder for Manaslu circuit trek is compulsory as it is a restricted trekking area in Nepal,and to obtain restricted area permit it is necessary to have a license guide.Not only on the Manaslu circuit trek here numerous trekking regions in Nepal require the license compulsory guide which includes Upper mustang trek , Upper Dolpo trek , Annapurna circuit trek, Everest regions trek many more .In restricted areas, even individual travelers are not allowed to buy the individual permit,Trekkers must go through the trekking agency with a license guide . While you are planning to do adventure trekking in Nepal such as Manaslu circuit , a guide is highly recommended for your safety and security. Moreover, Guide is very important especially in these areas problems may arise like unpredictable weather,such as heavy snowing, landslides and rockfall ,avalances situation and altitude sickness, getting lost on the trail, and many more.

A local guide is very familiar with the trail as he has been guiding the same trail many times and who knew well about trail , landscapes , Hills , peoples , and their culture activities of Manasalu region. Your guide can also help you to explain about nature , culture and religions and landscapes and mountain names , which will make your trip more fun and feel safe,knowledgeable and secure once in your lifetime trekking in Nepal.

Overall, Manasalu circuit trek is compulsory to hire a guide for your safety ,secure and obtain the restricted permits. As it is an adventure , remote and high passes trekking route , the guide is highly recommended by the Nepal government. It might cost a bit higher ,but hire an experienced guide who has been on this trek many times and can explain about the region very well. Contact us any time we are happy to assist you to arrange your permits and provide the experience guide for the Manaslu circuit trek.

Manaslu circuit trekking is one of the most popular trekking trails in Nepal after Everest regions and Annapurna region. Mount Manasalu is the 8th highest mountain in the world with an elevation of (alt.8167m , 26,2947.76 Ft). Manaslu circuit trek is located west of Nepal lies between Annapurna massif and tibetan plateau.Manaslu circuit trek has become very popular since 1992 as it was the first time allowed by the trekkers. At the beginning most of the trekkers groups were organizing camping trek as there were no proper tea houses or guest houses for overnight stay, but nowadays along the trekking to Manaslu circuit trek already built numerous guest houses in the lower section and higher section tea houses.

The main purpose of trekking to the Manaslu circuit is visiting remote areas of Nepal, exploring the pristine Mount Manasalu range view in close distance , crossing the Larke la pass at an elevation of 5130m from sea level, walking through the beautiful landscapes, Hills, meet with locals and visit old villages,and cross numbers suspensions bridges above the budhi gandaki river, visit culture monastery and temples.

Manaslu circuit trek is an adventure , challenging ,but rewarding with majestic mountain views and cultural immersion of Gurung , Tamang and local Tibetan people who live here. You can visit the old village and interact with locals and see their traditional way of how they live here all the time. During the Manaslu circuit trek you will cross several old Tibetan villages such as Lho , Samagaun , Samdu where you can visit the cultural monasteries, Tsorten, and explore the amazing viewpoints.

You will also have a great opportunity to visit basecamp of world 8000m higher mount Manaslu and if you are at the right time such as in early autumn and spring season you can meet with expeditions and those who are planning to summit to top of the Manaslu and there are beautiful lakes called Birendra tal where you can reach by a day hike from Sama gaun. Doing Manaslu circuit trek you shall be offered many things such as mountain views, cultural immersion, lush forest , cross-numbering old villages and explore their basic day by lifestyle and cross the popular Larkela pass (alt.5130m).

Additionally, you will have a great experience if you visit the wildlife, flora and fauna of these regions. Trekkers have a higher chance to meet the himalaya wildlife such as leopard , red panda, different species of birds and blue ships many more.

Where does the Manaslu circuit trek start ?

on the way to Manaslu Circuit Trek

Manaslu circuit trek begins after a scenic drive from Kathmandu to Machhi Khola and basically the trek starts from here. First section of the trek is not much harder as the trail goes through gradual ascents and descending through the Budhi Gandaki river and surrounding both side hills and mountain and you will have a good enough acclimatization before reaching the higher section of the trek. After a 4-5 day trek you will reach beautiful places such as Lho gaun, Sama gaun , Samdo villages above the alt.3500m from where you will be greeted by Mt. Manaslu and amazing mountain views, rich culture and religion of Tibetan people. Next section of this trek you cross the Larkela pass (alt. 5130m. 16,826Ft) and meet the classical annapurna circuit trek trail at Dhapani before you end the trek. It is always possible if you want to extend your trek and continue trekking to popular classical annapurna circuit trek and cross another adventure high pass Thorongla alt.5416m and descend to Muktinath temple , and continue trek to Jomsom fly to Pokhara and end the trip here.

Tentatively if you only do the Manaslu circuit trek it takes 11 nights 12 days and if you want to complete the both Manaslu circuit and Annapurna circuit trek it takes 18 to 19 days. It is always recommended to you if you are flexible with time and planning to 3 weeks scenic trekking in Nepal and then both Manaslu and annapurna circuit trek would be the best option for adventure lovers from around the world.


Map for Manaslu Circuit Trek

Given below you can see the general Map for Manaslu circuit Trek.If you want to change or want to customize according to your preferences then you can choose alternative routes ,modify the itinerary and acclimatization.Feel free to share your preferences and we will provide you the tailor itinerary with the touch of yours to meet your needs and expectation.


Manaslu circuit trek Outline Itinerary:

Manaslu circuit trek map
Map of Manalu Circuit Trek

Day 1: Arrive in Kathmandu and transferred to your Hotel (alt.1300m)

Day 2: Trip preparation day: today you have a great opportunity to visit some of the world heritage sites Swayambhunath temple , Kathmandu durbar square in the morning and afternoon. Check your equipment list.if you don’t have enough clothes still you can buy them in thamel.

Day 3: Early morning drive from Kathmandu to Machhi khola in 7 – 10 hours via Arughat , Sotikhola. 149 km , 90 miles.

Day 4: Trek from Machhi khola to Jagat , 5- 6 hours , (alt.1350 m – 4398 ft)

Day 5: Trek from Jagat to Dyang 6- 7 hours (alt. 1800m.- 5,960ft)

Day 6: Trek from Dyang to Namrung , 6- 7 hours (alt. 2660m – 8230 ft )

Day 7: Trek from Namrung to Lho gaun , 4 hours (alt.2960m. 9,700 ft )

Day 8: Trek from Lho to Sama gaun , 5 hours (alt 3500m , 11,590 ft )

Day 9 : Rest and exploration day ( Hike to Manasalu basecamp or Birendra tal in the morning and after free time and take rest.

Day 10: Trek from sama gaun to samdo , 3 hours (alt. 3800m, 12,650ft)

Day 11 : Trek from Samdo to Dharamsala , 4 hours ( alt. 4410m. 14, 500 Ft

Day 12: Trek to Bumthang (alt. 3580m) Over the Larkela pass (alt.5130m. 16,826 Ft) 7- 9 hours.

Day 13: Trek from Bumthang to Darapani , 6- 7 hours ,(alt. 1900m . Dhapani is connected with the classical annapurna circuit trek.

Day 14: Dharapani – Beshishar – Kathmandu by drive. Where your trek ends.

This is the general itinerary for the Manaslu circuit trek , but there are always alternative options to spend more time in this area such as day hikes and spending more nights on this trek as well as you can continue your trekking to Annapurna circuit trek and end in Pokhara. We are very happy to provide you with the full information and flexibility to customize itinerary to meet your interest in doing this trek. Feel free to reachout us anytime we are happy to help you. And if you want more detailed information , itinerary and cost details feel free to contact us. We are happy to provide you with the full information.

Guide cost for Manaslu circuit per day

Normally guide costs start from USD $30 -35 per day for an English speaking guide . but if you want to hire a guide who speaks an extra language such as France, Germany, Japanese , Korean , the cost will start from USD 50 to 60 per day. Hiring a guide for Manaslu circuit trek cost depends on the guide’s working experience , knowledge about ,landscapes , mountains ,culture, etc. For example, if you find a bigger guide who is just starting a guiding group in the mountains it might be cheaper than a professional guide.

Who are we ?

If are you looking for a professional guide for Manaslu circuit trek ? Yes , We have a highly professional guide who has been working in this sector for a long time. Most of our guide team were born and brought up in the mountain region and spent their childhood in the mountains. We provide you the guide for the Manaslu circuit trek professional , knowledgeable and experienced who have been on this trek many times with groups. We also provide to our guide basic first aid training ,environmental education about sustainable tourism , and knowledge about supporting them by buying their organic foods and drinks during the trek.

Before your trip begins you can meet with the guide and can talk face to face and guide will briefly brief regards following programs. Normally we organize the departure meeting about following programs and where guide and clients both will instruct , and talk on map about trek which will be a great opportunity to know about guide at first time to meet someone who is going to guide you to your trek for two weeks.

Full packages cost for Manaslu circuit trek :

The Manaslu circuit trek full package cost depends on numbers of days, itinerary and group size. If you are a solo traveler planning to trek to Manaslu circuit, trek in full package basically costs from USD 1200- 1300. For single trekkers the cost is expensive as you have to cover the cost of guide , porter , restricted area permits, Transportation and if you are in group cost will be cheaper USD 900 – 1100 as the cost will be sharing of guide , accommodation restricted permits and transportation etc.

Basically , the full package includes , foods (breakfast, Lunch and dinner) hot drinks (tea or coffee) guide , porter , transportation restricted permits , both Manasalu and annapurna conservation permits , accommodation many more.

Hire a Guide :

If you want to hire only a guide and permits it is possible and the cost for a guide per day starts from USD 30 to 40 per day including his food and accommodation. Porter cost for Manaslu circuit trek per day USD 23 to 25 including food and accommodation.

Manaslu Circuit trek restricted Permits cost:

Manaslu circuit trek restricted permits cost per person USD 100 in September to November and December to August USD 75 per person for the first 7 days and if you want to stay longer than 7 days and then you have to pay extra per day $10.
Annapurna and Manaslu Conservation permits cost $28 or in rupees 3000 per person for 30 days. Rest of the necessary trip documents we will prepare from the agency.
If you are single trekkers who want to do the solo private trek to Manaslu circuit or any other restricted area trekking regions nepal minimum you have to buy 2 permits as nepal government rules ,but you can do the solo trek. It seems quite funny to hear trekkers need to buy 2 permits ,but can go solo on a trek but it is true.

Stunning view of Mt.Manalsu from Lho gaun
The view of Mt.Manaslu from Lho gaun

What documents required for Manaslu Circuit Trek Permits

To obtain restricted permits for Manaslu circuit trek you need minimum 2 foreigners trekkers with physical passport and nepal on arrival visa details. You have to go through the nepal government license trekking company and guide. The agency will help you to make all necessary permits, you just need to give them your documents and cash. You don’t have to go to the immigration office to obtain a permit.

Here are the important documents required for the restricted permits.

  • 6 month valid Passport and 1 copy
  • Nepal arrival visa details with 1 copy
  • Passport size picture
  • Personal details filled forum
  • USD hard currency or nepali rupees as per exchange rate.
  • Guide details such as Licens , insurance , Id card , citizenship card etc.
  • There are still many documents required , the agency will organize everything.

How to find the best guide for Manaslu circuit trek

To Find a guide for Manaslu circuit trek , you can ask to one of registered trekking agencies in nepal. The company will help you to obtain your restricted permits and other necessary documents for the trek. When you choose the company and guide check their government register documents , feedback , reviews and guide experience. It is always important to have a responsible , trusted and reasonable price offer agencies to make your successful trek.

You can also find the individual trekking guide through facebook groups or any others social network and they might slightly cheaper than from company but individual guide also have to obtain your restricted permits from registered trekking agency and agency will not provide the service without charge some cost as service charge of company , so at the ends cost will be same as individual or through the agency. We strongly suggest to everyone who wants to hire a guide for any trekking routes in Nepal please go through the agency who will take your full responsibility and help in the emergency situation and who will cheer you up in your successful trek at the end of trek.

Nature Explore Trek is a government registered company since 2015 and provides the trekking , climbing, and tour all related tourism services through the professional way. The company organizer team has been working in this field for the last 21 years already and we have good knowledge and we can easily understand and meet your interest in doing this trek . We have a professional guide team who has been working for a long time. You can meet our guide and can talk face to face before your trek starts. So ,we would be the best guide company to provide professional guides for your trek to Manaslu circuit trek or any other treks in Nepal ,Tibet ,and bhutan.

Best time for Manaslu circuit trek

Best time to do the Manaslu circuit trek is autumn October , November ,early december and Spring – March , April and May is the best month every year as the weather is favorable like sunshine, clear crystal day and higher chance to clear mountains and very less chance to disturb from monsoon or any unpredictable weather in these months. During the spring season and autumn season the temperature will be more reasonable and the best moment to explore the mountain views in close distance with clear, crystal weather.

If anyone is planning to do trekking in Manaslu Circuit or any other regions we highly suggest visiting in autumn or spring season in Nepal as mentioned above. Winter and monsoon season is not suggested to trekking in Nepal as in winter it will be snowing , cold and monsoon season rains and flooding will disturb your holiday. In winter and monsoon you will also have very less chance to see the mountain views as it will be cloudy , foggy and raining most of the time.

Rhododendron Blooming
On the way,Rhododendron blooming

Weather in Manaslu circuit trek

Weather in Manaslu circuit trek depends on various seasons in nepal. here are the best season and weather conditions

Spring season (March to April and May )

During these months the temperature will be warmer during the day and night time more cooler and in the lower section of the trek and higher section of the trek the temperature will go down and feel a bit chilly with cold winds and need more warmer clothes and blankets during the night time as you are closer to the mountains. Day time in the lower part of the trek is tentatively 15 to 20 degrees and night time falls in 10 to 12 ,but in the higher section of trek it will be 14 to 16 day time and night time 8 to 10. In the spring season along the Manaslu circuit, trek offers to travelers pleasant weather and rewarding in spring as spring is known for its blooming time , and grows new seeds and gives varieties new smiles and clear crystal mountain views in close distance.

During the May month the temperature shall be more hot as it May be the last month of spring season and welcome the monsoon in nepal. Compared with March and April, May shall have more hots even in higher sections of the trek too. But the clear and best view and reasonable weather will be in the month of April if we talk about the spring season.

Autumn Season: October , November and Early december)

Autumn season in Manaslu circuit is best with clear weather , blue skies with favorable weather all the time from beginning to the end of the trek. Autumn is the best trekking season in Nepal as weather is stayable and there is a higher chance to see good views of mountains from close distance and the trekking will be more enjoyable, fun and a great experience with good weather from beginning to end of the trip.

During the Manaslu circuit trek in early autumn during day time 15 to 18 and night time 10 to 12 degree in lower section of the trek and higher section of trek will be cooler as you reach close to the mountains. Even in higher sections of the trek you won’t feel colder during the day time especially when it is sunshine and night time you may need extra clothes and need to wear your big jackets and use extra blankets on your bed.

After mid autumn like the 3rd week of November the temperature shall fall more cooler as winter is coming close to us and it may start to change the weather into more cold winds, cloudy and little snowing in the higher part of the trek.
Tentatively , during the day time it will be 12 to 14 and at night time 8 to 10 degree in lower section of trek and higher part of the trek 8 to 10 a day time and night time 5 to 6 degree. As the weather is unpredictable, if it is sunshine all day, the temperature will be hotter and increase the temperature more than our prediction.

Monsoon season : June, July , August and early September)

Normally in the monsoon season during the Manaslu circuit trek the temperature will be hotter both, day time or night time. Monsoon season is not preferable for Manaslu circuit trek as in this time of running and flooding beginning of the trek and once you reach the higher section of the trek you will have very less chance to see mountains. But if you are looking for quiet and less crowded places along the Manaslu circuit, then May – June and September would be the best months.

Winter season ( Mid december , January , February)

During the winter season to Manaslu circuit trek it may not be a good idea to make a plan to trek as the weather is changing and there is a high chance of snowing and the temperature shall be very cold. Also in the higher section of this trek most of the tea houses will be closed as it is not trekking season and local people will go down to nearest cities to skip the cold and snow. So, we don’t suggest anyone plans to go Manaslu circuit trek because of the weather is not supporting. In the winter season most of the high passes are closed including Larkela pass of this trek as it is heavily snowing and block the path. But still you can plan a short and easy trek which are doable such as PoonHill trek , Langtang valley trek , Everest view trek , Everest base camp trek , Annapurna Base Camp trek , Tamang heritage trail trek etc.

Porter with guide for Manaslu circuit trek :

If you’re looking for budget friendly packages to Manaslu circuit trek and just want to hire someone for the trek who can help you to carry a backpack and can guide you to Manaslu circuit trek it is possible and you can hire a porter cum guide. The Porter cum guide is not like a professional guide , but he will help you to carry your light backpack and speak basic english. If you have done adventure treks and you have already good experience of trek then no need full guide. so, a porter cum guide can also help you which will save budget instead of hiring a guide and porter speradly. But if you are beginners and don’t have enough experience of trekking and interested to know more about culture , landscapes , religions of Manaslu circuit trek and then professional guide is highly recommended.

Porter with guide cost per day USD 25 to 28 includes his food and accommodation. You can also find an experienced and well known trail person who spent a long time in the same job and is progressing to become a full guide. Porter cum guide will not carry like full porter weight as he also needs to guide you. The maximum weight he will carry is 10 to 12kg.

Manaslu circuit trek guide insurance :

Yes guide and porter insurance is very important and insurance is compulsory required from the nepal government. Without insurance you can’t apply for any trekking permits legally. We have full insurance of our guide and porters for emergency situations which will cover nepali currency 10 to 15 lakh rupees

Insurance for travelers during the Manaslu circuit Trek

We highly suggest anyone who is planning to trek to Manaslu circuit trek you need to have insurance which covers up to 5000m in emergency situations. Emergency can come anytime such as unpredictable weather , lost the bags and got injured in mountain and need evacuate from mountain to nearest hospital by helicopter etc.

Packing list for Manaslu circuit trek :

Gear Checklist
Gear checklist for Manaslu circuit Trek
  • Trekking Boots
  • Down jackets or goretex
  • 60 to 70 backpack
  • Day backpack medium size
  • Sleeping bags (-15 to -20)
  • Pairs of trousers
  • 1 short paints
  • Inner thermal
  • Pairs of long t shirt
  • Pairs of short t -shirt
  • Warm waterproof gloves
  • Head Beane , face cover mask
  • Sun glass ,and sunscream
  • 3 pairs of socks
  • Sun hat
  • Warm sweater or light jackets
  • Rain jackets , paints
  • Basic medical kit bags
  • Toiletry bags
  • Water bottle and water purification tablet.
  • Blester taps
  • Camera and extra batteries
  • Head touch ad extra batteries
  • Special medicine if you are using it
  • Trekking pools
  • Pairs of underwear
  • Campside shoes or sandals. Here are still more items you may need to pack feel free to contact us for details we are happy to provide you.

What types of Food is available during the Manaslu circuit Trek ?

During the Manaslu circuit trek you can get many varieties of foods like in Everest regions or Annapurna regions in Nepal. You can choose from Menu cards such as western food , nepali food , indian food , continental food , mexican food and many more

At breakfast: – out porridge , breads, eggs, pancakes , fry potatoes etc.

At lunchtime – Nepali dal Bhat ,noodles, pasta , fry rice , fry potatoes , soups and breads etc. lunch time we don’t have a longer time so Pizza , Mo. Mo spring rolls are not recommended.

At Dinner Time: At dinner time we have plenty of time so you can choose whatever you want to order such as Dalbhat , Pizza , bread items, Mo.Mo. Pasta . any foods available at the tea house.

However , we always encourage our clients to eat organic foods instead of western or continental foods in the mountains. Organic foods are more fresh , healthy compared with the foods mentioned above. When you eat the organic foods your money will go directly to locals rather than buying foods from markets. Eating organic foods means you also save nature and promote sustainable tourism. As organic foods are more consumed by travelers, local people will be more encouraged and the locals will produce more foods and buy less plastic packaging foods from markets.

Basically organic foods you get during the Manaslu circuit trek: varieties of vegetables items rice , dal soups , buckwhite breads , wide and barley floor , many types of Potatoes , cabbage , carrot , radish cauliflower spanish , Pumpkin , cucumber many more.

What types of Accommodation is available during the Manaslu Circuit Trek:

During the Manaslu circuit trek basic to normal accommodation is available.We will provide you with the best place available. Beginning of the trek in the lower sections of trek accommodations will be much better and comfortable with neat and clean and as you ascend higher sections of the trek accommodations will be more basic and less facilities .
Noramly will provide sharing twin beds rooms most of the place and toilets are sharing based. But some of the places at the beginning of the trek and ends of the trek some place you can get rooms with attached toilets too. You can also get extra blankets from the tea house which you can use on top of your sleeping bags if you feel cold during the night.

Accommodation Facilities
Accommodation facilities during the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Is Manaslu Circuit Trek Difficult ?

Manaslu circuit trek is a difficult trekking route as you have to cross above 5000m high pass Larke la and per day you have to walk 6 to 7 hours gradually ascending to top of the pass and steep descending to otherside of Manaslu mountain. Also Manaslu circuit trek is located in the remote , far from cities and with less facilities so while you are on the trekking to Manaslu circuit you will feel like you are in the remote place of Nepal. Due to the high altitude gains , different trains , high altitude landscapes , Hills will make you feel difficult especially once you reach the higher sections of this trek. Basically high altitude starts after altitude of 2500m and once you reach above 3000m you feel less oxygen in your buddy and it is difficult for breathing and less energy compared to the beginning of the walk. So when you have a good acclimatization extra day , well trip planning and preparing both physically and mentally before the trip starts from kathmandu you don’t feel hard and difficult to do the Manaslu circuit trek.

Nature Explore Trek highly recommends those travelers who are planning to trek to Manaslu soon or in the future please be prepared both mentally for remote places and physically for trekking in the different trains and landscapes.


Ascending uphill
Ascending uphill while trail is covered with fog

Electricity and wifi facilities in Manaslu circuit Trek:

Manaslu Circuit Trek is known for its stunning scenery and challenging paths.As the trek takes places at remote area of Nepal so,the general facilities like electricity can be quite limited varying along the route.At the first phase of our trekking in the lower region we can get the facilities of both Electricity and Wifi.You can get the electricity facilities for free but for wifi you might need to pay some extra money and it also depends upon the teahouse and lodge you are staying in.Electricity is available in the mid to upper region as the lodges have solar panel or generators for it.For wifi they might charge you some extra money .In the Upper region electricity is limited places like Samagaun ,Shamdo and in lo village you can get the facilities however in Dharmashala before crossing larke la pass electricity and network facilities might be limited for like whole day but it’s only while crossing the Larke La Pass after that you will get the electricity as well as network .

While the Manaslu Circuit Trek offers the access of electricity and Wifi,trekkers must be prepared for the limited services in the higher altitudes .So,we recommend you to carry the charging electronic devices ,power banks and extra batteries so that your devices stay charged.Buying local SIM cards is also recommended as you can buy the data package for like $10 to $15 for a monthly pack so that you can get connected to your loved ones in the whole trek.


Transportation Facilities in Manaslu Circuit Trek:

Transportation Facilities For the trek begins as soon as you land in Kathmandu our representative will come to pick you up in private jeep/bus depending on the group size.We will then drive to Machha Khola in private jeep if you want to have more comfortable journey otherwise we can go for sharing base transportation facilities in which the cost is quite cheaper than the private jeep one.While returning back also we will have the same option we will drive back from Tilche to Kathmandu which might take about 7-8 hrs enjoying the scenic views and varying landscapes.

Overall, hiring a guide for Manaslu Circuit Trek is essential and highly beneficial.A licensed guide is mandotary in these area as it’s restricted area.Guides ensures your safety and provide you with the valuable cultural insights .As the area is remote communication might be difficult and you might get lost in the trail so,hiring a guide means they will act like the bridge.Additionally,guides offers the up to date weather information and current trail condition ,ensuring the smooth trekking experience.