Hire a guide and Porter for Annapurna Circuit Trek 2025,2026 &2027

June 5, 2024 By Admin

If you are looking for a Guide and porter for Annapurna circuit trek from Kathmandu or Pokhara we are happy to arrange an experienced guide who has been working for a long time in the same region for a few decades already. We (Nature Explore Trek) have been the local trekking agency based in Thamel , Kathmandu since 2015. Before establishing the company our board members of Nature Explore Trek were guided for a long time with another top level agency for many years. With a full experience and profession in the tourism field, an experienced local guide team started to run the company for providing extraordinary service among the potential travelers throughout the world.

Over the 20 successfull years in the same job we proudly say we are professional / familiar with the annapurna region local trekking agency based in kathmandu. We provide the best service and ensure your trip with safety and security during the whole journey with full responsibility while you are into the mountain.

Hiring a guide and porter for annapurna circuit trek is compulsory for your safety and security as the annapurna circuit trek is located in the remote region of western of Nepal in the annapurna himalayan range. Annapurna circuit trek is a popular classical trekking trail. As it is popular, many adventure seekers have a dream to walk around the mount annapurna through the beautiful landscapes, Hills, snowscapes, and charming people and their fascinating culture including the most beautiful annapurna himalayas view in the distance.

Hiring a guide for annapurna circuit trek is several advantages to individual and group trekkers. Guide will not only show the trail and carry your equipments they will also make sure your safety, security , translate between local people native language which will make more fun, explain about landscapes and mountains, Wildlife , flora and fauna , share the store of local cultural , religions and local people basic lifestyle of annapurna region which will add more fun, excited and memorable an annapurna circuit trek. It might be little costly to hiring a guide or porter if you compared without guide ,but once in lifetime doing adventure trekking in remote region of annapurna it is a lots safe and fun and for making a great experience of trekking into the himalaya.

Advantage of hiring a guide for annapurna circuit trek

Safety and security :
Hiring a guide for the annapurna circuit trek safety and security is the most important key while you are into the mountains such as unpredictable weather , avalanches , heavily showing ,unexpected situation, and special support for the crossing highest pass of the region Thorong la (alt.5416m).
Explanation about the region:
Planning a once-in-a-lifetime trip to hike the most popular Annapurna region along the classical trail to annapurna circuit trek is a dream for many.Along the way you will cross numbers old villages and their basic lifestyle , popular mountains from Annapurna I to IV including several other popular peaks, amazing landscapes, Hills , charming people from annapurna region, fascinating culture is the main attraction of this region.
Navigation the trail:
Especially in the remote section of the trek if incase unpredictable weather or snowing and lost the trail guide will help you to take the right trail.
High altitude and acclimatization :
if you have received altitude sickness your guide will help and suggest the best way to avoid the altitude and protect it as our guides are experienced and knowledgeable and they can easily read high altitude sickness symptoms. As per the situation your experience will suggest you take rest and make acclimatization days along the way to annapurna circuit trek.
Hassle free: while you planning to trekking to annapurna circuit trek and want do the hassle free trek joins with trekking agency and hire a guide who will make your trek itinerary , an advance Hotel / guesthouse , tea house booking and permit issued everythings will organize by agency so you will have less hassle in your holiday.
Communication between local people and you:
While you are trekking to the annapurna circuit trek communication is the most important as tn the remote section of the trek local people will not speak english in every place and which will hard to communicate with lodges and order the foods. When you have a guide he will help for easier talk between you and locals.
Permits and necessary documents for the trip:
Your guide will arrange all necessary documents such permits, Timms and trip documents. But if you are individually planning to trek you have to arrange the permits by yourself and which is a lot of hassle.
Cultural explanation:
if you are trekking with a professional guide you will have a great opportunity to know the local culture and religions of local people who live in these regions. As you come from a distant destination to explore a different culture it is always a good time to share the knowledge about it.
Guide will always encourage when you feel tired, hopeless and in case of getting sick such as altitude sickness in the remote section of the trek. As we have years of experience in the same work we have experience and meet numbers of trekkers giving up the trek halfway as they feel tired, less experience of being in the mountains several nights and sickness which will make trekkers confused like Am I continuing to trek or give up now ? . In these situations when you have a guide he will give you the right suggestions and help to make good decisions. Guide is highly recommended to adventure lovers who want to make a successful trek once in their lifetime.
An advance booking Guesthouse / Tea house:
In the high pick season such as Autumn and Spring season if you are trekking to annapurna circuit trek most of the teahouse will be fully packed as autumn and spring and autumn both season is the best season so 100s of trekkers love go trek at same day to annapurna circuit trek.
Emergency Assistance:
Since you have a guide with you in case of an emergency, your guide can help you all the time, especially in the remote part of the trek in Annapurna region. The emergency situations can come anytime such as high altitude sickness, heavily snowing , failed trail navigation ,avalanches, unpredictable weather and cross higher pass thorong la pass along the way to Muktinath from Phedi.

Overall, hiring a guide for annapurna circuit trek is a lot of benefits for groups or individuals trekkers. Guide is the main key person to make a successful trek without any hassle. Since you have a good guide for annapurna circuit trek you will have great experience of trekking in nepal an annapurna region.

Cost for Guide and Porter for annapurna circuit trek 2025/ 2026, 2027.

Cost for guides for annapurna circuit trek depends on their experience, language they use to speak. Here is the basic cost start for guide and porter for annapurna circuit trek.

Participate costPer Day CostIncludes
Professinal GuideUSD. 30- 34Guide food and accommodation
PorterUSD. 20 to 22Porter food and accommodation
Porter cum guideUSD. 23 – 26Guide cum porter food and accommodation
Extra language speaking guideUSD. 50 -55Guide food and accommodation

Permit Cost for Annapurna circuit trek

Annapurna circuit trek lies into the annapurna conservation area located in the heart of the mount Annapurna himalayas. If you are planning for annapurna circuit trek you have to buy two types of permits.

Annapurna conservation permits: Annapurna conservation permit cost is per trekkers nepalese 3000 rupees or USD 25 to 26 as converted rate. You have to buy permits from Nepal tourism board in kathmandu or you can also buy from trekking starting point Beshishar or Pokhara as well.
TIMS Card (Trekking information management system): Tims card is another permit you need for annapurna circuit trek. Time card cost per trekker USD 20. You can buy TIMS card through trekking office and Taan office in Kathmandu and Pokhara.

What types of documents do I need for Annapurna circuit trek permits ?

Here are the required documents list for annapurna circuit trek permits.

  • Passport with 6 month validity
  • Nepal arrival visa
  • Passport copy
  • Travel insurance which should cover in emergency case
  • Printed Itinerary
  • Passport size picture 2pice

Solo Trekking in the annapurna circuit trek

Solo trekking in the annapurna circuit is not allowed since the 2023 Spring season. Nepal government made new rules to not trek an annapurna without guide as numerous accidents happened in the higher section of the trek in the thorong la pass and Tilicho lake area. Annapurna circuit trek is one of the hard, remote and difficult to navigate trails, especially in the unpredictable weather such as landslight , avalanches, heavy winds and rock falling can bring the difficult situation. So, the Nepal government , and Nepal tourism board office considered emergency mountain situations and they decided to implement the new rules and not allow the solo tourist without guide an annapurna circuit trek.

An annapurna circuit trek some individuals solo trekkers still they use to go without guide even not follow the gov rules ,but if you are responsible for sustainable tourism travelers please respect the local gov rules and follow the guidance during your staying Nepal.trekking to annapurna circuit trek without guide it is a lots hassle to arrange permits , transportation, navigation the trail during the trek , book the teahouse an advance especially when you are in the high peak season (October, November and Marchand April) and you will also have difficult to communication with the locals people as they don’t speak the english much. If you want to avoid all of the above situations during the annapurna circuit, a trek guide is important to make your trek successful and memorable.

When is the best season to Trek annapurna circuit trek ?

The best season to trek in Annapurna or any other region of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan is Spring and Autumn every year as the weather is favorable like clear blue skies , good visibility of mountains , less haze and fugg and dry weather most of the time. But due to global warming a lot of things have changed as we expeeince over the 5-7 years now even December, January also offer the best view of mountains and not much colde, temperature is still not cold as sunshine most of the time sunshine and late snowing in the mountains.

Autumn’s Season:

Autumn season in Nepal starts from the month of September to November.Autumn season starts right after the monsoon season so,in early september there might still have rain however from the middle of the month autumn season announce its coming by turning the nature into the colorful display of red,orange and yellow leaves.The pleasant,sunny weather makes the pathways comfortable to walk on .With an average daily temperature of about 15 degree celsius.The weather is generally clear and stable,offering the stunning views of the Himalayas peaks.The days are warm with temperature perfect for trekking,while the nights are cooler,providing a refreshing each day refreshing.As the season is post-monsoon air is crisp and clean,resulting to visibility.

During this season trails are lively with the trekkers from all around the world,as all are there to witness the beauty of Annapurna region.The local village are filled with the festive vibe as the autumn season brings the various traditional festivals.Trekkers will witness the colorful decorations adorn the streets,the air filled with the sounds of music and laugher making the trek more memorable.

Spring Season

Spring Season starts from Feb-May .The season is really a magical time to explore the Annapurna region.The weather is mild and pleasant with warm days perfect for trekking and cooler nights which is comfortable for sleeping .During the spring season the Annapurna region landscapes comes to alive with blooming rhododendrons and other wildflowers ,painting the trails in the vibrant colors with red,pink,white etc.
The air is fresh and clear,offering the spectacular views of the snow-capped peaks.Spring season is also the time when wildlife becomes more active so,trekkers might spot various birds and animals along the way.During this season is also marks as the time when the high mountain passes becomes more accessible.Nepali new year also falls in this season so,there will be the festive mood all over the country.Spring on the Annapurna Circuit is a time of renewal and beauty making it as the one of the best season to experience the natural and culture aspects.

Monsoon season

Monsoon season in Nepal starts from June to early September.This months are characterized by the heavy rainfall bringing both benefits and drawbacks to trekkers.The most challenging part during the monsoon season is trails becomes muddy and slippery.Landslides and floods are also common and leeches are also common in lower ,wetter areas.However,the season also shows the unique aspect of Annapurna region as the landscapes becomes more greenery waterfalls are in full force.The air is fresh and the flora are more vibrant.

Winter season

Winter season spans from December to February ,the landscapes are covered with snow making it picturesque.The trails are dusted with snow .Daytime temperatures are cool but night time temperature can drop below freezing at higher altitudes.Higher section of the trail,including Thorong La Pass, are often covered in snow and ice ,making the trek more challenging and sometimes dangerous.Snow and ice can make the paths more slippery and difficult to navigate but applying caution and having appropriate gear can help with prevention.Winter often brings the clearest skies providing the spectacular views of himalayan peaks.The trails in this season are much less crowded ,providing the peaceful trekking experience.

Can we do Annapurna circuit Trek without a guide?

Technically yes you can trek Annapurna Circuit Trek without a guide however it’s not recommended for those who are inexperienced trekkers and those who are not familiar with this area.While you are trekking in lower part the trail are easy to navigate as it is well marked but the more higher you get the trails gets more challenging and hard to navigate.Hiring a guide not only enhance your safety and security but also they help in the logistic parts like Transportation,permits and Accommodation which might be hard for new trekkers.

Why should I do the Annapurna Circuit trek ?

Annapurna circuit trek is a classical ,and famous trekking route which takes adventure seekers around the Mt. Annapurna (alt.8091m) himalayas. Annapurna circuit trek is still a first choice trekking destination among the trekkers as it is offers the best mountains views and explore the different cultural heritage , amazing landscapes , Snowscapes , Hills , Charming people , Fascinating culture and their daily lifestyles, and cross the world popular Thangla pass , world’s highest Tilicho lake , 600 to 700 years old tibetan village and cultural monasteries is the ,aim attractions of this trek.

As the road reaches close to the mountains nowadays you can start trekking from Dharapani (alt.1900m, 6,232Ft.) instead of classical routes that were started a decade ago from Besisahar. We suggest to every individual trekker please start trekking at list from Dharapani as it is the reasonable place for altitude. Road is even already reached in Manang ,but don’t go directly to Manang from lower altitude to higher altitude , it can be a problem for you with altitude as you jump quickly and ascend a lot.

Starting the annapurna circuit trek from Dharapani following days you will continue Chame , (alt.2600m) which is a headquarter of Manang district. The next stop of your annapurna circuit trek will be Upper pisang (alt.3300m) is one of the rare 600 to 700 years old Tibetan villages. You will have a golden opportunity to explore the cultural monastery and breathtaking glimpse of Mt. Annapurna II, Annapurna III, Annapurna IV Gangapurna , Tilicho peak , Pisang peak including beautiful peaks.

The trek from Pisang to Manang is a 6 to 7 hours trek via Ghyaru , Nwal village. trekking between Pisang to Manang you have two trail choices such as follow the classical route through the Humde or go via the upper trail. upper trail is comparatively longer than the lower trail ,but the view is best from upper trail so ,we suggest you to go from the upper trail with the best views of annapurna himalayas and explore the two pristine Tibetan old villages Gyaru and Nwal in the lap of the Pisang peak. Reaching Manang village at an elevation of 3500m above you feel altitude and less oxy in your buddy and may feel tired ,but the mountain views and surrounding hills, beautiful landscapes, local people and their hospitality is always rewarding to trekkers.

As you reach the higher section of this trek we suggest you take an extra day for acclimatization to digest high altitude. On a rest day you can hike 4-5 hours to Chhonkor viewpoint (alt.3800m) or hike to 100slama Gumpa. Hundreds of lama gompa located above the Manang village into the cave) which is one of the oldest monasteries in this region. Both hikes are 300 to 400m higher from your tea house. These hikes will help you to grow more confident about high altitude and digest altitude as you reach higher then you spend a night and sleep in lower altitude for the following day trek to Thorongla pass (5416m.) After spending two amazing nights in Manang you will trek to Yak Kharka in 4 to 5 hours (alt.4050m) along the way you will be amazed by the beautiful scenery of Annapurna Himalayas and Tilicho peak.

Alternative options :

if you want you can also go from Manang Tilicho lake which is an extra 3 more days to get back and connect an annapurna trail in Yak Kharka. Tilicho lake (alt.4900m from sea level ) is the highest lake in the world situated beneath Tilicho peak offers the amazing views of Annapurna mountains and serene clean , deep ,fresh water is the main attraction for travelers.

From Yak Kharka you will trek 3 to 4 hours to Thorong la Phedi. It is the last stop before crossing the Thorongla pass (alt.5416m). As the Thorongla pass is popular , adventure and highest pass an annapurna circuit trek. Therefore ,we always advise trekkers to be prepared better both mentally and physically. Trekking from Thorong La Phedi to Muktinath in 10 to 11 hours and today is the highlight day of this trek as you cross thorong la pass and it is a challenging walk to get on top of the thorong la from alt.4550m to alt. 5416m thorong la top and descending Muktinath (alt.3800m) from top 1500m with rocky , and last, higher section of trail is icy and slippery as walking trail is covered with a small stone and skim not melted ice. All these types of trail situations will definitely give you a challenging day of this trek. However , when you are with the professional guide you will be guided properly with a safe way to Muktinath. As it is a hard day but you will also be rewarded with beautiful views of Mt. Annapurna range and Mt. Dhaulagiri range in the close distance both are over 8000 m. mountains ranked in the world and including hundreds of beautiful surroundings, peaks and landscapes.

After crossing thorong la pass you will reach the holy pristine Muktinath temple. Muktinath is one of the popular and beautiful villages located in the lower Mustang region. As there are so many nice lodges avilable you will have one good overnight stay in a nice lodge with good food and drinks after successfully completing the difficult part of this trek and crossing the high pass. And next morning you can also visit the Muktinath temple ,the nearest cultural monastery. Muktinath temple is a very popular site among hinduism and buddhism as they believe it is the place of residence of hindus god vishnu and buddhist many popular monks monasteries are located. You can do meditation , pray to your beloved gods and which will give you a lot of positive vibration and a lot of energy. After spending a quality time in Muktinath you will trek back to Marpha in 6 to 7 hours through Kagbeni , Jomsom. From Marpha you can take a bus drive back to Pokhara with great experience of trekking in annapurna circuit trek.

Alternative options, if you are tight with time you can also take a short flight from Jomsom to Pokhara or take a bus / Jeep from Muktinath to Pokhara instead of trek.

Manang is a beautiful village which stands at an elevation of 3518m located in the Northern Annapurna region of Nepal within the Manang district.The valley is surrounded by the several high peaks including Annapurna II,Annapurna III,Gangapurna and Tilicho Peak.The valley is part of the rain shadow of the Annapurna range ,resulting to accessible in the monsoon season.As the area is part of Annapurna Conservation Area ,the valley is home to diverse flora and fauna.Common wildlife if this valley includes Blue sheep,Himalayan Tahr,snow leopard and various bird species.Originally the inhabitants of this valley are Tibetan so,the area is manu influence by the Tibetan Buddhism.
The valley hosts the unique festival called Yartung festival,which involves horse racing .The area is home to Braga Monastery -one of the oldest and significant Monatery ,known for its ancient artifacts and beautiful architecture and Milarepa’s cave- a sacred site believed to be the meditation spot of the famous Tibetan Buddhist saint Milarepa
The valley is the gateway to Tilicho Lake ,one of the Highest lakes in the world ,standing at an elevation of approximately 4,919m(16,138 ft). Trekkers pass through the Manang on their way to the Thorong La pass,the highest point of the Annapurna Circuit at an elevation of about 5,416m(17,769ft).

Why we spend 2 night in Manang

Spending two night in the Manang valley is crucial during the Annapurna Circuit trek for acclimatization as we will reach to an elevation of 3,500m(11,500ft),so Manang makes an ideal valley for trekkers to adjust the high altitude reducing the risk of Acute Mountain Sickness(AMS).Manang’s altitude is the midpoint of the trek,before ascending to the higher altitudes,such as Thorong La Pass at 5,416m(17,769 ft).

During our second day we can hike around the Manang valley as the valley has so much to offer whether its interacting with the local or exploring the areas trying out the cuisine and meeting the people who share the same as this area is the gateway to the Annapurna Circuit and Tilicho lake Trek.Or you can also hike to chongkor viewpoint or Ice lake.

A day hike to ice lake

One of the best ways to acclimatize is to follow the principle which says “climb high and sleep low”.A day hike to Ice lake ,which stands at an elevation of 4,600m(15,091 ft),is perfect for you to acclimate your body ,by letting your body ascend at an higher elevation during the day time and then returning in Manang for night ,is perfect way to let your body the altitude.
The hike offers the stunning views of Annapurna ranges including the peaks like Annapurna II,Annapurna III,Gangapurna and Tilicho Peak.Upon reaching to Ice lake,you’ll be greeted with the crystal clear water reflecting the surrounding himalayas.The hike will be quite difficult but rewarding as the path becomes more rugged and rockier as you gain altitude.During the hike you will notice the change of landscapes as they transform from the cultivated fields to alpine terrains.

A day hike to Chogkor Viewpoint

You will begin your hike early in the morning after having a breakfast,initially the trails goes through the village,gradually leading you upwards.The ascent is steady but not too steep .The trail offers the stunning view of the the Manang valley,you may also encounter the payer flag,chortens, yaks or sheep grazing.Upon reaching to Chogkor viewpoint ,trekkers will be awarded with the panoramic views of the Annapurna range including Annapurna II,Annapurna III ,Gangapurna and Tilicho peak. The hike to Chokor viewpoint concludes with a meaningful day with the feeling of accomplishment.

How high is Tilichoo lake

Tilicho Lake,one of the world highest lake located in the Manang district .It is situated at an altitude of 4,919m(16,138 ft).It is crystal-clear,turquoise water reflecting the snow-capped peaks of Annapurna Massifs.One of the fascinating thing about this lake is that no aquatic animals has been found in the lake according to the Nepal Department of Hydrology and Meteorology(2003).What makes its more special is that there is no water resources present and no designated route for the water,resulting to water staying in the same lake.The lake is sacred as it holds the religious aspect in hindu and buddhist culture.

While doing Annapurna Circuit Trek many trekkers prefer to go for Tilicho lake also as the lake is in the same area however it’s trekkers choice if you choose to do then additional 3-4 days will be added.Many trekkers ask if they can swim in Tilicho lake the answer is yes,you can swim however swimming in Tilicho lake might be difficult as the lake is cold and isolated.

Tilicho Base Camp

How high is Thorong la pass

Thorong La Pass is a mountain pass which stands at an elevation of 5,416m(17,769 ft) ,which is also the highest point during the Annapurna Circuit Trek is also one of the highest trekking trails passes in the world.Thorong la pass trek is the dream trek to people from all over the world.While crossing the Thorong la Pass trekkers can see the stunning views of Mountains lie Annapurna II,Annapurna II,Annapurna South,Nilgiri,Fishtail,Dhauligiri,Tilicho peak,Annapurna IV,Gangapurna,Thorong La peak etc.Thorong La is also the hardest day while doing Annapurna Circuit Trek so trekkers has to be prepare for the day as the day will be the longest day we will trek for like 9-10 hrs and the trail is steep and in high altitude.Trekkers needs to be prepare for the snow as the weather becomes more unpredictable in this area.Although its hard but after you do it the feeling you get after conquering the pass is just unforgettable it will become the part of your memory which you will cherish for lifetime.

Insurance for Annapurna Circuit Trek is crucial for several reason .Firstly ,the is challenging trek which involves various altitudes,ranging from the lowland village to high mountain passes.While doing this trek there is the chance of having altitude sickness so,emergency medical evacuation is needed Secondly ,the trek goes through the remote and rugged terrain of the Annapurna region meaning that the medical facilities will be limited .While doing any trek in the Mountain trek it’s recommended to have an insurance as securing the insurances ensures peace of mind during the trek.While making the insurance for the trek make sure that your insurance policy covers the trekking activities including high-altitude trekking and emergency Evacuation as the trek involves varying altitudes.Consider purchasing the insurance which also cover the loss of personal belongings such as trekking gear,camera or electronic devices.It’s advisable to purchase the insurance from the reputable company specializing in making insurance for travel and trekking.

Latest updated itinerary for Annapurna Circuit Trek

Day 1Drive from Kathmandu to Besisahar – Nadi – Dharapani1800m/6266ft
Day 2Trek from Dharapani to Chame2600m/8528ft
Day 3Trek from Chame to Upper Pisang3300m/10824ft
Day 4Trek from Pisang to Manang3500m/ 11,480ft
Day 5Acclimatize in Manang (Hike to Chongkor viewpoint)4800m(highest section of viewpoint)
Day 6Trek from Manang to Yak Kharka4050m/13284 ft
Day 7Trek from Yak Kharka to Thorong PhediPhedi 4500m/14760 ft (highcamp 16000 ft)
Day 8Trek to Muktinath through the Thorong La pass (alt.5416m)Muktinath(3800m)Thorong pass alt.55416m/17765 ft
Day 9Trek from Muktinath to Jomsom2700m/8860 ft
Day 10Flight from Jomsom to Pokhara740m/2430 ft
Day 11Drive back to Kathmandu by tourist bus.1300m/4265 ft

Can i hire a guide only for Thorongla pass

Yes,you can hire a guide only for the thorong la pass.Thorong La Pass is the highest point on the Annapurna Circuit trek,reaching at an altitude of 5,416m (17,769m).Having a knowledgeable guide who is familiar with the terrain erases the potential risk of being lost.As while crossing the thorong la pass if it snows then it will be very difficult to navigate the trail.

In 2014 more than 30 trekkers died due to a severe snowstorm and blizzard struck in the Annapurna region,resulting one of the deadliest incidents in the history of Himalayan trekking.Hiring a guide for Thorong La Pass also includes the logistical support such as arranging accommodation,meals and transportation in peak season as it’s quite hard to find.

Hiring a guide for Thorong La Pass ,who is familiar with the local terrain ,weather patterns will enhance your safety during the trek and make sure you have appropriate gear. In the tragic incident of 2014 it was reported that some of them didn’t have the right gear which contributed to the situation being severe.

Final Say:

If you’re planning the Annapurna Circuit Trek and need a professional guide or porter ,our experienced team at Nature Explore Trek ,based in Thamel,Kathmandu can assist you.Hiring a guide not only helps you with navigation but also provides the insights into the region’s history and culture and ensure you have a proper acclimatization in high altitudes.Despite the additional cost,a professional guide will enhance your trekking experience ,making it easier safer and enjoyable.Our guides are trained in first aid and are equipped to handle the emergency which adds the extra layer of security.Additionally,they also help you with the interaction with local people which provides you with unique experience that you might miss during solo trek